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Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Karatesyd I have been making hits for over 10 years. I am a singer/songwriter with a bachelors degree in Science with a major in music production. Born and raised in the hill district of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Karatesyd overcame poverty, drugs, gun violence, and crime. I […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I was born in Kingston Jamaica. You could say that I grew up poor until my siblings were moved to Toronto Canada when I was still a fairly young boy. Things were a little better and it wasn’t as hard to adjust as I had thought. I kicked […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I would first like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to the readers of this little look into my music world and also thank John over at Artist PR for affording me this great opportunity to share. I am Michael Egleton, a Blues, Soul and Jazz artist from […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’ve been singing, performing and entertaining and songwriting for more than 15 years now, I love all types of music and have been inspired by the some of the best in the business,I started with a group called The Enthusiasts,there were 3 of us and we fashioned ourselves […]
Tell us about yourself and your music When expressing my self it’s kinda hard to do so. Why I say that is because I grew up between two points of views. The first point of view is being around poverty and street people who don’t care if they lived or died. The other is a […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Tye. I’ve been practicing singing for my youngest age. I’ve always got music notes inside my mind. I’ve always liked to play the piano and create new music with my aunt old recorder radio sets. At this period, I was using recording several kinds of technics to record my music such as tapes to play on the other original former recording. That reminds me all the breath on my first recordings. When I was 13, I decided to integrate the […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Peter, and I plan to change the world through my music and messages. I come from a family of not wealth, but love and the will to survive. I wish to bestow all my talents and efforts to help others instead of pushing a false […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I came from a musical family. I have cousins who are musicians that only experiment with either Zydeco, R&B, or Rap. My music is somewhat experimental in a way. I still try to focus on R&B but sometimes I might incorporate Dance and Pop music to make my […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cape Cod, MA — July 6, 2018 — In May The GroovaLottos kicked off their summer tour in Worcester. As with last year, The Phunk Hits 2018 picks up new fans along the way. The Phunk Hits 2018 is steadily bringing The GroovaLottos Phunk parties to audiences throughout New England as well […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I am based in Ipswich, England and am an independent singer/songwriter who writes mostly by myself but has also written some songs with my producer Eli Turay and a few local Ipswich musicians. I don’t class my music as R&B or puree Soul as it has elements of […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Jzade Forte. I am a producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, and musician. I’m 23 years old and I was born in Little Rock, AR. I started rapping with my brother when I was 4 years old. I released my first single and video “L’Punity” at age […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE London — April 1, 2018 — Loose Ends, the original champions of the British funk and soul scene in the 1980s, have been silent for almost 30 years. However, the lead composer of their material has returned; Steve Nichol is set to embark on his first solo project and marked the start […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’m a thirty-something artist / former military brat who has traveled and performed across the globe. I love music and traveling, and particularly enjoy combining the two whenever possible. I currently live in Los Angeles where I have been located since 2011, and have sung for a national […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I am a down to earth person, who is very imperfect. I embrace my authenticity, and appreciate uniqueness. I enjoy being open and honest; I don’t follow the latest trends, or attempt to be like others. I want to encourage or inspire at least one person through my […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’m wild Quarky and free !! All about positive vibes and I sing from my soul to show contrast on a natural feeling Talk to us more about your latest release Blessed to have joined and partnered with voices for Puerto Rico to use my voice and sing […]