Miss Lyric Creates a Masterpiece That Will Have Everyone In Tears


United States – March 5, 2017 – It is not everyday that a young girl writes a heart warming song that resonates with today’s music lovers. It is also not everyday that a small-time YouTuber creates a music video that reaches to over 54,000 views on YouTube for a song dedicated to a loved one. Although this does not happen all the time, Miss Lyric has proven that great things can happen through hard work.

Miss Lyric, who began posting videos on YouTube in late 2014, is now 17-years-old and has been writing heartwarming soulful ballads since she was 10. Her song, “Arabella (Lovely and Elegant),” is just one of many of those soulful ballads. The name, Arabella, is latin and means “yielding to prayer” but it also means “lovely and elegant” in which Lyric named the song after and dedicated to a loved one. Her angelic tone and heartfelt lyrics are what gives thr song its purpose.

With over 65,000 views on her YouTube channel as a whole, Lyric continues to share her love for music with the world. On her channel, she posts covers of songs by all of her favorite singers as well as some songs of her own and she will not stop until the world knows the name Miss Lyric.

Youtuber and young aspiring new artist, Miss Lyric, drops her first single called “Arabella (Lovely and Elegant). The powerful message and lyrics will take the world by storm.

Her current single is available now on Google Play.


Miss Lyric
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