Alfredo Dias Gomes

I’m very happy and satisfied with all of the ArtistPR team, they are very well prepared and attentive professionals.” All the services offered are incredible, especially the press work. My album “Pulse” had excellent reviews, which certainly helped me to leverage the album. —  Alfredo Dias Gomes

Young Tibay

It’s awesome to have you as a partnership with our movement; You have taught and showed me a lot. I’m thankful to have your wisdom of support; Your formula is soaking in my brain. It has giving me a fabulous play book of right action; I also have a licensing deal I just signed with …

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Jamie Parsons

Jamie Parsons, Composer & Songwriter

Thanks… for putting so many useful resources at my fingertips.  Your material is well organized and superbly presented. — Jamie Parsons, Composer,  Songwriter, and Three Time Award Winner in The Billboard World Song Contest.

Adrian Tabor - Memphis Money

Adrian Tabor – Memphis Money

Thank you… for all the emails you send me I have read all of them in I’m keeping all of them for a blueprint again thank you for all your help it keeps me motivated — Adrian Tabor – Memphis Money

Testimonials - Billy Rowe, JETBOY

Billy Rowe – JETBOY

Artistpr.com ws fast and very effective!! They distributed our Press Release to thousands of music magazines, radio stations & webzines all around the planet!!! We secured an amazing amount of interviews and reviews just by using the services of artistpr.com! If you are looking to be noticed, I highly reccomend using artistpr.com to any Artist …

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Testimonials - Virgil Freeman

Virgil Freeman

Thanks for a great press release and all the exposure. The Exposure from radio and press has been Amazing!!! –Virgil Freeman, Wild Wild West Dub Tour featuring reggae legends such as Uroy, Big Youth, Sugar Minot, Ross Michael and The Scientist

Testimonials - J.Swift, Pharcyde

J. Swift, Pharcyde

Artistpr.com is dope as f*%$, I had no idea there was so many places to promote market and sell our music. This would be a great tool for any artist or label trying to promote their music. –J-Swift, producer for The Wascals and The Pharcyde (one of the most influential hip hop groups in the …

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Testimonials - Traci Michaelz , Peppermint Creep

Traci Michaelz, Peppermint Creep

Artistpr.com wrote the Peppermint Creeps an Amazing Press Release. They were able to take a large amount of information about our band and condense it down to a one page news worthy press release. I highly reccomend Artistpr.com for all your music promotion needs. –Traci Michaelz, Peppermint Creep

Testimonials - Dave Thomas, Doomfoxx

Dave Thomas – Doomfoxx

Artistpr.com were instumental in getting the word out for us in new territories. Straight up and easy to deal with, they reached the people that matter! –Dave Thomas, Doomfoxx

Testimonials - HR Singer

H.R. – The Bad Brains

Jah Bless you artistpr.com You are the ultimate marketing tool for Bands and Independent Artists. This is the best promotional tool for Arists and bands I have seen in my 20 plus years in the music business. — H.R., lead singer of The Bad Brains (the pioneers of hardcore punk)

Testimonials - Jesse Camp

Jesse Camp

Without a doubt Artistpr.com is one of the most Amazing Music Promotion companies to ever come along.””Whether you are a small band in a rehearsal space or a National Touring Act on a Major Label Artistpr.com offers something for everyone. For the price of just $60 a month Artistpr can submit your music to thousands …

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Testimonials - Hopeton Brown The Scientist

Hopeton Brown – The Scientist

Artistpr.com has successfully gained me exposure and numerous speaking engagements through their promotion services. Their staff is intelligent and knowledgeable about all aspects of the music industry. I highly recommend Artistpr.com to any artist looking to take their career to the next level. –Hopeton Brown AKA The Scientist: Originator of Dub music and world famous …

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Testimonials - Zak Ambrose

Zak Ambrose

Artistpr secured us positive Reviews in numerous magazines and airplay on dozens of Radio Stations all over the country which resulted in a major increase of our Itunes sales. Artistpr.com is a solid company with a proven track record of success. –Zak Ambrose

Testimonials - Dave Aron

Dave Aron

Artistpr.com is who I use when I want to get publicity. They can get you the exposure you need where you need it. They have the contacts and ability to bring an artist or a project to the public with the grandeur that it deserves. Great publicity can make all the difference with a budding …

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Testimonial - Tom Zutuat

Tom Zutaut

Artistpr.com wrote one of my clients, The Fabulous Miss Wendy, a great press release that secured her press, exposure, and doubled her Google traffic. –Tom Zutaut, A&R Rep signed Guns N Roses, Metallica, and Motley Crue

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