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Tell us about yourself and your music Where do I start? The majority of my music life has been in the shadows. No one really knew I sang or loved to sing….or even wrote songs for that matter. I started taking piano lessons with my daughters’ piano/vocal teacher when I was about 31 years old. […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’m 22 years old and I make music in my free time such as instrumentals, covers and originals I Been Making Music Since 2016 I started out on programs such as Garage Band and mix pad and then I started out doing covers. I Do Different genres like […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’m a singer-songwriter inspired of God to convey His words to my listeners. The lyrics are mostly Scripture and the melodies seem to fit themselves around the verses the Lord puts into my head for special songs. Some are from the Psalms, some are prophetic, some are even […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I am a songwriter from California who lives in Iowa. I write in several genres, including pop, country, rock, sacred, Celtic, jazz, and blues. I released my first album of pop/country/rock relationship songs in 2018 entitled “In My Heart,” and have released several singles. My pop song “Throwin’ […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’ve been performing as a solo artist since 2014 and recently teamed up with a backing band, The Black Grass. I’ve always had a love for the lush vocal harmonies of groups like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and psychedelic atmospheres of bands like Radiohead and Pink Floyd. […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I write from the heart, either trying to convey my personal experiences or feelings on a subject through the story line of my songs. Every story I tell has a meaning either obvious or hidden. I look to touch the listener with my music. Talk to us more […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Performed 200+ shows with Whole Lotta Angus and AC/DC tribute based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Solo career consists of 2 critically acclaimed albums, More Than I Can Be (2009) and This One Goes to 11 (2011) and is currently in preproduction for a third tentatively titles “Adrenaline Junkie” […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I combine folk, r/b, rock, pop, jazz, and funk on my songs but not all genres at the same time. I very much follow the style and productions that were used mostly in the 70’s and early 80’s. I don’t like electronics or sequencing at all. Talk to […]
Tell us about yourself and your music The Grenaways could be said to be mining the rich veins of inspirational ore that course through their home turf of Cornwall where they add a sense of their own ties to the region and especially it’s Celtic heritage. But, they are a band set for far wider […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’m wild Quarky and free !! All about positive vibes and I sing from my soul to show contrast on a natural feeling Talk to us more about your latest release Blessed to have joined and partnered with voices for Puerto Rico to use my voice and sing […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I consider myself a composer/songwriter. I compose instrumental music on piano and guitar, and write vocal songs which straddle the Rock/Folk/Country realms. I’m at a crossroads in my career where I’m starting to look more toward the possibilities of just creating music rather than performing, but I still […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’ve been busy with music since 1992 in several bands in several genres. The Imaginary Suitcase started in 2009 while I was playing in a Celtic folk band named Ceilí Moss. I had written these intimate, minimalist songs that didn’t fit into the upbeat punchy sound Ceilí Moss […]
Tell us about yourself and your music McCoy has been bringing his brand of Heartland-Alt.Country-Rock to the masses since 1988 (he played his first gig a month before his 15th birthday). There have been many comparisons of McCoy’s music to Springsteen, Petty, Seger, Mellencamp as well as more contemporary artists such as Lucero, Drive-By Truckers […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I just couldn’t cut it into the music scene in South Africa, but when I discovered what I could do on the WWW, I was A for away, and I composed and sang and recorded and had a ball! I met a lot of musicians who took me […]
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, BC, Canada — January 1, 1970 — In Vancouver, BC, independent Tasmanian-born artist Anni M Fables has just released her long-awaited debut, Space (Luck) Sphere, which is now available on all major online platforms. This record stands out as the first studio album by Fables’ who, up until now, has been […]