Symphonies of Acoustic, Alternative and Progressive Rock- Mark Grumpfuzzit Geary Unveils New Record ‘Reflections’

Mark Grumpfuzzit Geary

An immersive and compelling record- “Reflections” is a concept album brimming with narratives that feature the multitude of thoughts that Geary has had

Bournemouth, Dorset, United Kingdom —September 12th, 2023 – Mark Grumpfuzzit Geary, a talented singer-songwriter and musician, has recently unveiled his debut album, “Reflections.” A breath of fresh air, “Reflections” is on the crossroads of acoustic, alternative, blues, folk, progressive rock, and rock music, spinning a unique and captivating sound.

A memorable record, “Reflections” is more than just an album, outlining a concept that delves into the depths of Geary’s own personal reflections on emotions, experiences, and life itself.

Each track from the stirring anthology is composed of a piece of his soul, from “Laugh with me” to “No Drums”. Geary’s thought-out craft shines a light onto his dedication to his music which he has independently produced, composed, and performed while juggling a demanding 55-hour workweek as a CNC turner at Aerotech Precision Manufacturing Ltd in Poole, Dorset.

The profound, moving, and pensive new album is proof of Geary’s determination to prove to himself and show the world music that is original, authentic, and high-quality. “Reflections” takes audiences on a voyage through Geary’s personal stories, with each song offering a distinctive tangent and perspective on life’s various truths.

A standout track on the album is “I tried to dream,” which serves as a teaser for Geary’s next project, “Reflections too.” With seven songs already in the works for this upcoming album, set to release in the new year, fans can expect a slightly different musical direction from a versatile musician.

Geary plans to incorporate more rock elements while maintaining his signature acoustic charm. One particularly poignant track on “Reflections” is dedicated to Geary’s late father, who had a passion for sailing. The song captures the essence of his father’s love for the sea, with guitar timing mirroring the irregular yet rhythmic patterns of shore waves.

Geary’s raw vocals, recorded just two days before his father’s funeral, authentically convey his emotions, making this track a heartfelt tribute and a touching moment on the album.

Stream and buy ‘Reflections’ on the artist’s official music streaming platforms and follow him or reach out to him for queries on social media- Mark Grumpfuzzit Geary on Instagram and Facebook! Listeners are also encouraged to challenge the artist to come up with something they like or send in requests for music tracks.



Mark Grumpfuzzit Geary is a seasoned 59-year-old working engineer and artist. Geary has been writing and producing his music independently for some time and continues to excel in the art of music. The artist has always had a penchant for music, but his journey was catalyzed after he decided to get his own studio going after his children had grown up and were pursuing their own unique life trajectories.

Living with his beloved wife Amanda, whom he counts as someone who has supported him through his hobbies- be it music or sea fishing or even playing and watching snooker. Mark Grumpfuzzit Geary has recently released his new record- “Reflections” alongside the single “I tried to dream” through distrokid on several online outlets.


Mark Grumpfuzzit Geary
Name: Mark A Geary productions
Phone: 07970 558134



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