Artist Interview: Strange Talking Animals

Artist Interview: Strange Talking Animals



Tell us about yourself and your music

I am now a stay-at-home dad, which allows me to create music for my son. The most recent recordings are “Space Adventure” based (think Spaceman Spiff). The music ranges from Ambient to Prog Rock, mixing synths with Banjolele (inherited from my grandfather, who was in a bluegrass band in the 1920’s and 1930’s), classical guitar, piano, etc. I also write fiction and poetry (poetry has been published- fiction is on hold at the moment).


Talk to us more about your latest release

The newest release will be next month, February 2017. It is the first album of Space Adventures for Moon Man.



What inspired you to write this release?

This first Moon Man album was inspired by the birth of our son, and Calvin and Hobbes. It was also inspired by a neck injury (to me), subsequent nerve damage, and the need/desire to play more synths. There is also a lifetime of science fiction underlining a lot of what I do.

Any plans to release a video?

After the album is released, we will be putting out some fun videos.



Any plans to hit the road?

No. No plans to play out live any time soon. Not until my son is old enough to come to the shows and see what his daddy does (and used to do).

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I write and record what I feel like (and also what gets my son excited). Sometimes it’s inspired by what I hear, but most often, it’s inspired by what I don’t hear. Most of the time I write songs that fill a sonic need for me, and if I’m lucky, it fills others needs as well.

Who have you been listening to lately?

David Bowie’s Blackstar. And Donny McCaslin’s Beyond Now. A lot of Boom Boom Satellites. The Vince Guaraldi Trio’s Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus. A lot of ambient stuff, like David Lange’s Return of the Comet with Mars Rising. Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein.

Tell us about your passions

My son. Watching him learn and grow. He’s four, and he loves Bowie, and Genesis (ABACAB era), and ambient music, and Queen, and Godzilla and Mothra (the giant monsters). I love reading, mostly science fiction (especially dystopian future stuff). I’m really enjoying Fallout 4 right now. And No Man’s Sky. There’s inspiration in all of it.

What else is happening next in your world?

We are going to start making little videos- movies. Most likely using toys to tell stories. Some of them will be set to the songs on the album, some of them will have original songs for the stories we come up with. As soon as my son is in school full time, I will get back to writing fiction.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Brad!



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