Beware the Floating Eye: The Danbury Lie Release “Onward” Music Video


Deep Within the Soul — February 23, 2016 — The Danbury Lie’s “Onward” music video features demolitions, atomic bombs, and a floating eye.

Fans of psychedelic rock, prog rock and/or progressive folk music should allow their senses to inhale The Danbury Lie’s new video for “Onward,” from the album The Danbury Lie (Act I-III). The video is currently streaming on YouTube and the band’s Facebook page for those who dare to enter another dimension of consciousness.

“The video for ‘Onward’ centers around a performance clip of the song, but the scenes of destruction and creation layered on top are metaphoric to the battle within our souls,” composer/filmmaker Rob Loncto stated. “I hope to complete a full movie for The Danbury Lie (Act I-III) by year’s end, as the 2016 album reverberates universal themes of personal struggle despite its niche musical appeal.”

The Danbury Lie (Act I-III) was released two years ago and has gained a cult following among listeners that are open to the album’s unique blend of genres. The album’s centerpiece “The Great Jester” is an epic 11-minute composition that falls somewhere between Metallica’s “…And Justice For All” and The Beatles’ Abbey Road medley.

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The Danbury Lie has been a prolific act since 2012, releasing four EPs and a short film entitled Whispers to Oblivion in addition to its full length effort (Act I-III) over that timespan. Loncto has since moved on to a new project called Weapons of Minor Disruption but plans to continue creating music videos to accompany The Danbury Lie’s musical history.

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