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Tell us about yourself and your music I am a singer, songwriter, and guitar player that has been leading the band the VOODOO KINGS for quite some time. I have also been a sideman for many groups and have been a freelance audio engineer for quite a while as well. Talk to us more about […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Performed 200+ shows with Whole Lotta Angus and AC/DC tribute based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Solo career consists of 2 critically acclaimed albums, More Than I Can Be (2009) and This One Goes to 11 (2011) and is currently in preproduction for a third tentatively titles “Adrenaline Junkie” […]
Tell us about yourself and your music McCoy has been bringing his brand of Heartland-Alt.Country-Rock to the masses since 1988 (he played his first gig a month before his 15th birthday). There have been many comparisons of McCoy’s music to Springsteen, Petty, Seger, Mellencamp as well as more contemporary artists such as Lucero, Drive-By Truckers […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Libertalia writes, records and performs modern American dance music with significant elements of Jazz, Rock, Reggae and WorldBeat. All of our material is original which I write, arrange and produce with my confidante and associate producer vocalist/dancer/actress/fashion designer Joni Margaux. Bill Davidow is our recording, mixing and mastering […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Grew up in the sixties and seventies in Scotland. Transistor radio and pirate radio stations were the main source back then. Listening in bed with a single earphone so as not to disturb my sleeping siblings. Endless exposure to music at home and at school, mostly British and […]
  Tell us about yourself and your music In 2010 when my father fell ill and passed away, I realized that life is in fact short and my need to be fulfilled in life resurrected in my passion for music and songwriting. My creativity and songwriting became my grieving and the loss created Ten Ton […]
  Tell us about yourself and your music I began performing as a spoken-word artist in the coffeehouses of San Diego, CA in 1992. Having spent my youth in a variety of high-school, college, and church choirs, I started incorporating a cappella songs into my sets. With the encouragement of some of the other poets […]
  Tell us about yourself and your music I discovered music sitting in the back of my parent’s car. The radio was always on the “oldies” station, so, I grew up listening to The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys etc. It really permeated into my being and as a kid, I could often […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Robot Raven is the imaginative musical invention of two seasoned songwriters – John Rigg and Edmond Bruneau. Rigg single-handedly orchestrates both the top and bottom lines of the music and Bruneau writes all the lyrics. Rigg has four other CDs to his credit, including early work with the […]
Tell us about yourself and your music My name is Franklin A. Simpkins aka Rage I’m from the south suburbs of Chicago and I’m a rapper/producer. I write and produce all of my music and have been doing so since I was 14. I love all genres of music and pull from each one to […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Chris Head and the Honchos grew out of songwriter Chris Head’s desire to add muscle to songs that he had begun performing as a solo, acoustic act. Originally from TN, Chris had been plying his unique take on roots rock, country, folk, powerpop, and what-all in the Milwaukee […]
  Tell us about yourself and your music I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was 13 and began to be in bands around the same time. I’ve always had a thing for the classic sound of rock’n’roll. The music inspired me and I want my music to inspire people. DownTown Mystic is […]
Tell us about yourself and your music Phantom City is a band that doesn’t like to fit a cookie-cutter mold. Each of our originals reflects our diverse musical tastes and backgrounds while still remaining true to our ‘voice’, which is grounded in Americana, roots rock and little bit of funk. Our subject matter is politically […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I’ve always loved music – but a bit more Left-Of-Center stuff. When people were listening to 90’s pop, I was listening to The Ventures, Buddy Holly, Tom Waits, and Israeli Folk Music… That’s about where it began. After discovering Colin Hay, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Buckethead […]
Tell us about yourself and your music I am and have been a professional musician for a long time. I won’t tell you how long but more than 20 years and I have enjoyed every moment of it. It does have it’s challenges as does every career but in the end I wouldn’t change a […]