Artist Interview: Robot Raven

Artist Interview: Robot Raven


Tell us about yourself and your music

Robot Raven is the imaginative musical invention of two seasoned songwriters – John Rigg and Edmond Bruneau. Rigg single-handedly orchestrates both the top and bottom lines of the music and Bruneau writes all the lyrics.

Rigg has four other CDs to his credit, including early work with the stadium rock group Abiqua on ABIQUA REMASTERED & ABIQUA LIVE and his two solo efforts, RIGGED and FOLK FRESCO. He is also a world renown robot builder/inventor and owns what may be the world’s largest and most complete museum dedicated to toy and replica robots, called the Robot Hut Museum, located in Northeastern Washington state.

Bruneau gained attention in the early ‘70’s as drummer for the infamous Seattle garage band, SKY DOG BAND and wrote numerous commercial jingles with his then writing partner Bruce Innes.
He also has two books of poetry to his name, Colors of My Within and the recently released
New Hues and Past Tales.

Rigg/Bruneau have written over fifty original songs together and are considered some of the most proficient song gurus around. Their penchant for the “classic rock sound” shapes Robot Raven’s unique and interesting arrangements, although the group never fears to divert to other musical genres occasionally for the sheer fun of it.

Talk to us more about your latest release

Life Goes On – some critics say it’s the Sgt. Peppers of relationship emotions – but YOU be the judge.
Life Goes On comes in rockin’ with a story about two people trying to get along and deciding whether or not to stay together.
When Loving Right is Wrong follows suit, advocating relationships that don’t meet parental or societal approval – but must be together.
If I Can’t Laugh – whether simple depression or just a bad day, “These times know if I don’t laugh – I will surely cry.”
Turn Me On – Can man and robot be happy together? “If it’s a phase, I’d be amazed.”
Next Best Thing – Out on the rebound, hoping to find “one that won’t make me crazy again.”
Rub Her Soul – Besides the obvious Beatle reference, it’s an inward examination of a relationship’s dynamics, proclaiming “the best way to touch her is to give up your control.”
You Know I Want You – When you fall in love, it’s all you can think about. Sings the refrain, “all I know is love’s got a hold on me.”
Text Me, Don’t Sext Me – a relationship anthem for these modern times.
Blessing and a Curse – The verse “I’m possessed by her sweet spell, an angel raising a little hell” says it all.
Make Someone Happy – A wonderful ballad featuring John’s impeccable finger-picking. When you make someone happy, “love returns when you give it away.”
Always Had the Power – an empowerment song, with all life’s answers having been “inside you all along.”
Life Goes On (refrain) – the final cut of the album sporting a completely different take; turning itself into a longing folk ballad with gritty, honest emotion to close the set.
Twelve new fresh Robot Raven songs that will surely start off your 2017 with a bang. And if you enjoy this effort, be sure to pick up Robot Raven’s Greatest Hits, Part One and Part Two!




What inspired you to write this release?

After finishing two Greatest Hits albums – the first in April of 2015 and the second in December 2015 – the band decided to go into a new direction and release a themed work rather than a compilation. The theme of ‘Life Goes On’ is relationships. Love. Dating. Staying together. Released in January 2017, this new album features twelve new original songs in Robot Raven’s “classic rock” groove.

Any plans to release a video?

Yes. Amazon features a 50 minute DVD called Life Goes On to compliment our new album release, featuring fourteen music videos — eleven off the album and three bonus videos. The bonus videos are 1. Ready Now – a new song set for release on an upcoming album. 2. Nevermore – a take on the Edgar Poe classic. and 3. Party Lines, Party Lies – social commentary about the recent presidential election. The last two are from Robot Raven’s greatest Hits – Part Two. A similar video release of Life Goes On is available as a HD video stream on Amazon and is free to those who have Amazon Prime.



Any plans to hit the road?

No, Robot Raven is a studio band. We do not perform or tour.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

We consider our work very unique because we specialize in the classic rock sound. Our target office is baby boomers who loved the ’60s and ’70s even if they don’t remember that era as much as they might like. Our sound is in every baby boomer’s DNA and there is a familiar quality to Robot Raven’s music. Kinks. Steppenwolf. Frampton. Beatles. Moody Blues. Electric Light Orchestra. You’ll hear all of these flavors and many more when you give Life Goes On a listen.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Phillip Phillips. Elton John. Clapton. Eric Burdon. Fleetwood Mac. Flying Burrito Brothers. Zappa. Nilsson. The Sonics. The Bards. The Kingsmen. Neil Young. Elvis Costello. Steely Dan. Joni Mitchell. Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks. Nanci Griffith. The Rolling Stones. Sting. War.


Tell us about your passions

Life. John Rigg owns the world’s largest toy and replica robot museum called the Robot Hut. He also builds original and replica robots and has been featured on the Big Bang Theory. Edmond Bruneau writes poetry – recently releasing his new book called, “New Hues and Past Tales.” He also plays pickleball regularly and enjoys creating the videos for the band.

What else is happening next in your world?

The band released their new album, Life Goes On, in January of 2017. Since the first of the year, they already have two new finished songs for the next release.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Edmond!



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