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Albuquerque, New Mexico – October 23, 2016 – Secrets and Ruins, by Lightning Hall is comprised of eight original songs painted with an acoustic guitar’s roots, folk and blues brush. They are inspired by the ghost towns of the West and Southwest and the recent “Great Recession’s” similarities to the Great Depression of the thirties. Secrets and Ruins includes songs with a full rhythm section. Parts of the music could be put in the “contemporary Americana” category so popular today, but “roots music” might be more apt.

The release opens with “Chasing Sunshine,” with a bluesy, chugging rhythm underpinning some fleet finger style and slide work on a resonator guitar. Harmonica accompanies the story of a young man who’s taken to riding trains during the depression in search of opportunity, as many did. “Fat Chance City” is an upbeat song about going to a place with a lot of opportunity, and knowing that many other people are going there as well. Think of the early gold rush, or perhaps WWII era Chicago. Bluesy leads and a shuffle rhythm carry this one along, and it’s all acoustic. “Pickup Truck” is an Americana-like song with a rolling beat and slide work from an acoustic resonator guitar. It is the life story of a pickup, as related by the truck itself.

With “Pulling Up Track,” the songs change to a contemporary folk-style voice. It’s a love song about a couple apart who sometime soon will be reunited, as their “gold rush” era town slowly dwindles, the ore running out. “Dust of the Dance,” with minor key guitar accompaniment, takes a poetic, idealistic look at life in a small old west town, and it’s predecessors. “Step Into the Sunset” another lush minor key song, is inspired by the idea of finding a notebook in the Southwestern desert and the story it contains of a man’s attempt to return to his loved one, and it’s uncertain success. “Old Friends” is a folksy song about a sturdy woman’s life alone in the mountains, with more fleet fingered minor key stylings.

“Get Out’a That Rut” comes from a rather different place, seemingly inspired by the rough, bluesy folk mixes of a band like the Mississippi Sheiks. Using the metaphor of a dirt road, It tells of a time like the Depression when luck runs out and one has no choice but to push on. The mix is comprised of fluent acoustic resonator guitar rhythm and fills, harmonica and steel string acoustic guitar. The artist’s more than capable vocals support all of these song’s messages.

Lightning Hall is committed to creating and performing quality original music with an original voice that is rooted in American music. He refuses to be a “walking jukebox” of the endlessly rehashed Contemporary Top 40 and Classic Rock tunes so many bands perform, preferring to present covers of music less often heard, and with an authentic and individual take. Secrets and Ruins is completely self produced.

The songs and other media related to this release are here using the password: xvta9NP


Lightning Hall is an artist who blends the soulful sound of early acoustic blues with folk, roots rock and other styles. Like revered jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt he playsin spite of serious burn injuries to his hands, and plays well. A regular performer in the Albuquerque, NM area for several years. He grew up in the Gulf Coast city of Galveston, TX where he acquired a taste for blues, southern rock, country, R&B Southern music in general. He has been described as a “very compelling blues artist” and one with “impeccable guitar work and a soulful voice” by blues-biz insiders and local promoters.

Lightning Hall
Erik E. Knudson
841 Cherry Rd Ne, Rio Rancho, NM 87144

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