The rise of Color Currency Entertainment (Down South Miami Florida)

The rise of Color Currency Entertainment (Down South Miami Florida)


Tell us about yourself and your music

Color Currency Entertainment was an indie label from Miami Florida. (South Miami) to be exact. The label consists of artists such as A.T Lyrics, Drive 1k, Fishstixz, Gudda Zo, SM Stunt, Young Buiee, and MulaMarley. All coming from poverty but not allowing this to be an excuse for a life. We know how it feels to locked up behind bars and shot at and harassed by the cop but we DNT want that to be the life for our kids and the other kids of the neighborhood so we stress these issues in our music we talk about the drug dealing the killing the harassment, not to glorify it but to shine a light on the situation and also to let our listeners know that even though lots of artists tell you about the good part of selling drugs we’re also telling about the downside to the drug game and where it leads to which is death or jail that’s why our music is considered more like Melodies and Felonies.

Talk to us more about your latest release

The latest release we have is called Cut Da Roof Off it has this feel-good Melody you know like a hot summer day in Miami riding in your convertible with the top back as the wind blows with a sexy lady on you passenger side. It’s written by 4 members of Color Currency Entertainment AT Lyrics, Drive 1k, Fishstixz, and Gudda Zo and we explain the different ways you can Cut Da Roof in the inner city streets of (Down South) MIAMI Dade County.

What inspired you to write this release?

Well like I said the Melodies give you this hot summer day in Miami with the roof cut off driving in your Chevy convertible but the lyrics also explain to you that not just the top on the car is considered the roof getting cut off in the inner city streets of Miami one false move can get your roof cut off if you know what I mean. So the lyrics are inspired by everyday life in the hood and the things we see and go throughout here in these (Down South) Miami streets

Describe the writing and recording process

Well, the writing process is just beat playing on repeat deep thoughts drinking smoking and just politicking with one another back and forward sharing our thought on the subject at hand and how to shed light on it but to also let the world know how bad we want it down here in the south. And the recording part was like a reunion we all in there together spitting Melodies and Felonies is how we would put it.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

  • Yes we have plans of hitting the road more North Florida South Georgia and Carolina but all dates are on hold as we speak due to the situation at hand here were facing with this Coronavirus so it’s just more of a social media promotion time right now but as soon as this is over then yes we’re on the move just can give any date at this point.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Well, we’re branded different being that were coming from Miami Florida but when you think Miami Florida you think South Beach liberty city Carol city over town opa locka lil hatie and Winwood. Well, the Miami Florida that we talk about in our music is way deeper south than those places were talking about Coconut Grove, South Miami (Goonzville) Richmond Heights, Perrine, South Miami Heights, Gould’s,Naranja, Leja¬† City, Homestead, and Florida City yeah it’s a whole nother side to Miami where we from is called the Bottom. Melodies and Felonies!!!!

Who have you been listening to lately?

Lately, I’ve been riding to Scarface Iceberg, MJG & 8Ball and my niggaz Fishstixz, A.T Lyricz, Gudda Zo and Drive 1k like I said Melodies and Felonies

Who are your biggest influences?

Artist wise I would say Scarface Trick Daddy MJG & 8Ball Willie D, James Prince Sr, Master P, and Tony Drapper

Tell us about your passions

My passions are music the ocean, outdoors, my kids and their future, their education, family, and just about everything that I’m set out to do in life. Like I said coming from a place I’m from and losing my mother to cancer after my sister just beat her battle with cancer it makes me see life differently I enjoy every minute of life with the ones closest to me and my loved ones cause it hurts when you lose them. (Drive 1k)

What else is happening next in your world?

Well, we’re promoting the single Cut Da Roof Off as we’re still working on the project it’s called Melodies and Felonies Color Currency Entertainment all my artist will be featured on there and we’re looking to shine the light on the Southside of Miami Florida. So please remember the label Color Currency Entertainment we will not be overlooked in this music industry



Thanks for an awesome interview, Color Currency Entertainment



Connect with Color Currency Entertainment

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