Upcoming Hip Hop Artist

Tell us about yourself and your music

I started writing music at the age of 10 years old . Music was always a huge part of my life. When i was younger i was anti social and majority of the time would have a pair head phones on listening to old school hip hop. I did this to block out drama going on in the house hold. The business side of making music i was not interested in at that time of my career because i wrote lyrics to vent about situations i was going through. My mind was rewired after i mastered my craft and became labeled a lyricist in my community I wanted to treat my music as a business. At that point, I started doing as much research possibly about publishing companies, distribution deals, and other topics that could put some money in my pocket. My goal is to do music full time and never have to work a regular job ever again. Having wrong people in my circle caused me to end up in jail, which put my music on hold. During my incarceration, it gave me time to reevaluate my life and focus on becoming a better person. When released on probation for 3 years, I met two producers in early 2020 that literally changed my life. Anno Domini and Legion Beats gave me resources that allowed me to become even more hungry as an indie artist for exposer i felt my music deserved. The new generation of rap music in my opinion destroyed the culture because 9 out of 10 brag about materialistic stuff and use auto tunes. I’m more into music that has meaning behind the lyrics. My song list consist of different styles for listeners to choose from. Currently, i’m working hard on my debut album entitled Martial Law that will be released on Halloween 2021. I have huge features involved in this project including Jadakiss, Twista, Lil Wayne, and many more. ArtistPR got my story and music placed on 100+ news websites and taught me how to submit music to magazines/radio effectively. Below is the direct link to see all the places my article was placed.


My main focus right now is dropping as much new music as possible, while learning all business aspects needed to become a successful indie artist. I want to put New Mexico on the map and help with the homeless problem in Albuquerque once i get established as an artist.

Talk to us more about your latest release

My latest release is entitled Outside featuring June B. The instrumental was made by multI platinum producer Legion Beats. He worked on projects with E40, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chains, and Snoop Dogg.

What inspired you to write this release?

The song Outside featuring June B made me dig deep into my past. I used to roll with dangerous people and was involved in situations that could have put me away for a long time. The lyrics was intended for rappers that talk a bunch of nonsense online, but refuse to meet up face to face for handling the conflict. I regret being that person, but wanted listeners to know that side of me does exist.

Describe the writing and recording process

The writing process usually comes naturally. Once my pen touches the notepad I have tunnel vision and my only focus is completing the song. I even turn my phone off completely, so I’m not distracted by phone calls or email notifications. When the recording session takes place I make sure my lyrics are memorized to avoid sounding like im reading off a paper and have a monotone voice.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

Of course i got plans to hit the road, but Covid 19 caused venues (in certain states) to slow down on events. A tour will be scheduled after i release my debut album Martial Law on Halloween 2021. My next show will be at Poor Davids Pub in Dallas, TX and below is the link for purchasing tickets and exact date/time. I am excited about this event because its a competition hosted by Coast2Coast where i have chance to win $50k.




As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

To be honest, I feel my lyrics make me stand out all by themselves. Branding is an important part of being a rapper, but I’m from the old school era where an emcee can do a live performance in pajamas if his lyrics has meaning behind them. Now days listeners rather focus on the instrumental and ignore to words being said. It’s sad how watered down hip hop has become over the years.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I have been mostly listening to Merkules, Jedi Mind Tricks, Eminem, Hopsin, and Black Thought. Since day one I’ve never been a fan of main stream radio music.

Who are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences are stories where people go through a lot in this world, but still find ways to maneuver around obstacles and end up successful in the long run. I’m a firm believer that you have to fail and make mistakes in life to learn lessons from those situations to become a better individual. Most people give up when times get hard, which is a bad trait to have. Eminem influenced me a lot because he made it known that anyone that crosses his path the wrong way will end up mentioned on a diss track that most likely would end their career. Most people get upset about being criticised, but Eminem remained calm and proved why is is one of the most controversial lyricist in the rap game.

Tell us about your passions

I’m passionate about giving back to my community. The homeless rate in Albuquerque, NM is at an all time high and there seems to be lack of resources. There is many shelters, but I’ve seen people that had to sleep on the streets during the winter due to no beds being available. It hurts my soul to see the less fortunate suffer. One day i want to be apart of the reason New Mexico residents don’t have to experience poverty as much.

What else is happening next in your world?

My album Martial Law releases on Halloween 2021 and I’m putting a lot of effort into making this project a successful hip hop classic. If this virus ever becomes contained, I plan on touring all over the United States in 2022. I will never stop studying different topics, so i can become a well rounded artist. Eventually, I want to place my music in major films, TV shows, and video games.



Thanks for an awesome interview, Kevlar



Connect with Kevlar

Website: https://kevlarrealhiphop.droptrack.com/join/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/justin.burch.94695
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kevlarrealhiphop/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/JustinB65918091
LastFM: https://www.last.fm/user/KevlarHipHop
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC28aqvW3eku-kW_vbxYPeBA
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ucnhu
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/kevlar94

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