The Austin Native BigMoneyBrezzy strikes Again

The Austin Native BigMoneyBrezzy strikes Again


Tell us about yourself and your music

My Name Is Breon Carter Aka BigMoneyBrezzy, born and raised in Austin Texas but not the suburbs, but I got inspired to do music at a very early age in my life, 12 to be exact. I riding with my mom to the store and that Mase, Big Mo Problems came on the radio and when I heard both of there verse I was stoked and said oh wow I can do this to, because Basically all they were doing is making words rhyme just with metaphors in such and soon after that I begin to start writing but never recording just writing so when I did start recording, in high school it was super easy for me to write a song because I was already writing as a kid. I just needed to learn the format such as bars and putting it altogether to make that perfect sound, I must say it definitely took me a while, well about two years because at my High School I was in a multimedia class which was basically showing me the ropes to use a lot of software so when I bought it on my mine it was a cakewalk, then just watching youtube videos to master the engineering part. So yea I started recording at 16 but kind of perfected at 18, because around 17 I bought my first program with some money my mom sent me while in North Carolina for one year with my dad and my senior year to be exact that’s when it got really real and I was dropping songs from left to right, from dropping singles then around 2008 I say I moved right back to Austin and met a couple of guys here that did music and started letting them kind of give me some pointers on the engineering side. So basically I perfected that and took it to my studio and that spiced up my sauce a bit more. Then the rest is history from dropping singles to albums non stop.

Talk to us more about your latest release

I just released a single called A.A.T.W (ALL AROUND THE WORLD) April 5th, 2019 which was basically inspired by the Tupac and Digital Underground song All Around the world, I was basically feeling like I been all around the world with all the things I have done in my life, but I haven’t been all around the world just yet but that song (The All Around The World I recorded) basically puts me in an all around the world type vibe.

Then I also plan on dropping 3 big Projects this year, two eps Diamond Mynd, Jesus Carter and an Album Called Difference, so yea I got some great projects in store for my swaggers.

Diamond Mynd drops August 14th and the other two projects are TBA.

What inspired you to write this release?

My inspiration on my Upcoming Release Diamond Mynd was basically finishing off the series type thing, I had to go on because I had dropped an album called Gold Mynd, back in 2015 which was like my first legit album then after that and in between I was dropping  Breology mixtapes series which is available on most mixtape sites, but I get I had to finish the Mynd series after doing the Gold Mynd album, I said I have to do another one and name it Diamond Mynd,  I felt it was only right because everything I been doing is just bigger and better so I was like diamonds are always better then gold in most people view, and that’s how I looked at it like I drove a Crown Victoria back then, but now I’m in a Benz e 320, so I feel Diamond Mynd is my elevation to new heights from gold mynd.

Describe the writing and recording process

I recorded the whole project in my home studio but you would never tell I did because all the great elements and presets put in each record brings it to top-notch quality. Also on the mastering part I got one of my fellow mates who I been doing music with for while to handle that part, because he has Mastered many of my new records so I just felt it was only right getting him to do it, he is also featured on the album, and he goes By Esta and the song he is featured on is called Take Off.

Any plans to hit the road?

No upcoming shows at the moment, but looking forward to sxsw 2020

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I have always been big on marketing my self different from a lot of artists because I actually invest in pr, which as a lot of artists don’t, some just think you record, make a song and it’s going to go viral, but that’s definitely not the case but some do get lucky but it’s very rare. So basically I invest in my craft because the music industry is 99 % business and 1 % music, so that has always been my way going about music, I got the hits, I will just be trying to find the right plan to execute the music.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I have been jamming a lot of indie artist lately, like Vedo the Singer, and Rex life Raj. Those two are my favorite at the moment.

Who are your biggest influences?

I would have to say, Lil Wayne,

Mase and Ty Dolla $.

Tell us about your passions

Music is my passion, and I palm to succeed in it and be iconic at doing it.

What else is happening next in your world?

A whole a bunch of Brezzyness, with ep after ep then album release, so yea I got my plate full and coming up with marketing plans for each will put a strain on ya.



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