Singer/Songwriter/President CTS Music LLC

Singer/Songwriter/President CTS Music LLC


Tell us about yourself and your music

I am referred to as Pilot by day Rocker by night. As a professional Airline/Movie Film Pilot and Singer/Songwriter I have been inspired to write most of my music from the experiences of seeing the world in a very different perspective. Since a young boy when my Dad introduced me to flying, I was hooked as well as becoming a musician from my Mom’s inspiration as she was a violinist. So from the start my two passions became a profession. I had the honor of flying as a film Screen Actors Guild Pilot in many Hollywood blockbuster films such as True Lies, Executive Decision, Hot Shots, Silence Of The Lambs and hundreds of Airline commercials. The creativity of filming aircraft in flight lead me to writing much of my music.
I started my band CTS-Called To Serve over 16 years ago with the intent to write original rock music that had an impact, a message about life, how we can all contribute to make the world a better place through simple things like kindness, understanding, love, honesty and integrity.
The music I write comes from my heart and life experiences and my band has the lineup of true professionals to execute the sound of CTS. I also am very Patriotic even though I didn’t serve in the Military but am very thankful for my country and those who do serve. I have written several songs honoring our real heroes, those people who put others before self so we can enjoy the freedoms we have in America. I have traveled the world and it’s a great place to visit but it also gives a chance to see how most of the world lives and how good we have it here.
Since it’s inception, CTS has performed from the Pentagon to Pearl Harbor and venues in between including schools and Churches. We produced a full show where we place high school orchestras and choirs on stage with our band where classical meets rock and the end result is inspiration to our audiences. Every show we perform we try to bring perspective to the hearts of our audiences and this is a wonderful world we live in. Each one of us has a gift to contribute and give back to help make this world a better place. One act of kindness from every person each day could change the world and that has been our goal with CTS to plant those seeds in their hearts.

Talk to us more about your latest release

Our latest release, “Angels And Miracles” is all about a message of gratitude, kindness and love. It’s a rocking melodic album with contagious hooks and melodies with lyrics that are simple and captivating with meaning. Every song has some of my life experience in it and the music is the tool to plant a seed in the hearts and minds of our listeners to strive to make each day the best it can be. “One Life” is a song about being thankful for each day we have and the true gift it is. The chance to wake up one more day and make this journey the best it can be. “Bright Light City” a story of that feeling we all get walking into a room of strangers and feeling so many eyes glancing at us. That nervous feeling we get and that “I’m no different than the rest, what you see is what you get”. “We The People” the first 3 words of our Constitution, from many we become one and “War” a story about good against evil. “Angels Watching Over Me” that belief there are Angels that watch over us both that we can’t see and those that are real people who protect us like our Military, Police and Firefighters.
Our new release was produced by Platinum Producer Jeremy Parker of Evanescence and Godsmack. Our single “This Is War” will be released on a Sony label soon.

What inspired you to write this release?

It is our 3rd studio album and the inspiration behind it was to bring a positive message to a topsy turvy world.  It’s an album of hope, love, compassion, spirituality and kindness.  I am always writing music and each song can come from something somebody says or a phrase you hear.  This release was inspired by my life’s journey as well  as the amazing people I have met along the way.  We seem to live in a torn world today where people are removed from each other and one difference of opinion politically causes friendships to end.  I have always tried to live a life of accepting people for what and who they are and never judge.  That works both ways however and if we could all take a step back and a deep breath and realize we have “One Life” to live and we can make a difference weather it’s good or bad, it’s our choice.

Our release is all about trying to bring people together through love and kindness, putting whatever differences we have aside and attempting to make this world a better place.  Every day is a gift and no matter what people believe in spiritually it’s hard to look around us and not think there is something bigger at work than our small journey’s here.

These things have been the inspiration behind our release and the songs I write.  I am also very Patriotic and “We The People” is about bringing us all together. I have traveled the world and can attest that most of the world population doesn’t live like we do in America.  Our Founding Fathers got together at great risk to draft the Constitution and create a Nation where all people are equal and “We The People” are what make America the amazing place it is.  There’s a reason so many want to come here, freedom, opportunity, success to name a few and our Constitution spells out our rights here.  From many we become one, “We The People”.

“War” is a song about good against evil and that we must always be willing to stand up for what we believe.  “Miracles” is about exactly what it says, those things that happen in our life that we can’t explain, things everyone I ask say they have experienced some sort of Miracle in their life at some point.


Describe the writing and recording process

I always seem to be writing even sometimes in the middle of the night when you wake up with an idea for a song.  As a Pilot I have spent a lot of time on the road and always take my guitar with me.  The view from 7 miles above the earth has inspired a lot of writing and would sit in my hotel room and write new songs.  This release is a compilation of songs I have written over several years.  The recording process starts out as some chords and lyrics on a piece of paper handwritten and goes from there.  I looked for Producers and was lucky enough to find Jeremy Parker who is a Platinum Producer who recorded bands such as Evanescence and Godsmack.

It started with a phone call to Jeremy then actually going into his studio and sitting down with my acoustic guitar and singing numerous songs I wrote.  He would grade them and picked out the best ones he thought and that’s where it all starts.  We then rehearsed with the band on numerous occasions to be ready when we went to the studio.  The album took about 3 months to record in Premier Studios.  Jeremy Parker our Producer was amazing to work with and the time flies when you’re in the studio.

We also brought in the Highly High School Choir to sing on two of our songs, “We The People” and “This Is War”.  The single “This Is War” will be released soon on a Sony label.

Any plans to hit the road?

Starting late 2020 we will be performing across America in a 20 city tour called the “Re-United States Of America” tour.  We will be working with our label, Sony as well as a TV show that I am the host on called “Reach For The Sky”.  The show will be Pilot by day, Rocker by night, Jeff Senour goes out in the world and finds great human stories of people who are doing amazing things.  We feature them then bring a concert to their town to perform for a great cause.

We also bring high school orchestras and choirs on our stage for a collaboration as they perform with our band CTS playing our original music.





Thanks for an awesome interview, Jeff Senour/CTS-Called To Serve



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