Tell us about yourself and your music

“Caribbean spice and everything nice” is how Nicole De Coteau describes herself, coming from the twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.

Steel Pan, Calypso, Soca Music, and the Carnival Festivities of her homeland have all shaped Nicole into the Singer/Songwriter that she is today. What is even more special about Nicole De Coteau, is that when she writes songs, her melodies are part of her creative process; like a hand in a glove, her melodies come simultaneously with her lyrics. Whether it’s Calypso, Soca, Soca Parang from her homeland or Reggae, R&B/Soul, Inspiration, Holiday, Pop or Hip Hop Music; Nicole has a wealth of talent to offer the world.

Nicole is a banker by profession. She is fun-loving and free-spirited.
Her infectious personality and positive nature are evident in her social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Apart from her music, Nicole enjoys kickboxing and cardio workouts. She believes having balance in mind, body, and soul are essential in the way we live and how we treat people and our environment.

Talk to us more about your latest release

As a songwriter, ‘penning lyrics came easy’, Nicole said, it allowed her to identify which songs she would choose for her new album. It was a two-year journey that led to her latest release “Shades of Me” which consist of six of her songs and an introduction.

Her Music Producer Jason Dasent of Studio Jay Recordings Ltd.; was excited to work with her as they have been friends for many years. In fact Jason produced Nicole De Coteau’s very first Christmas single entitled “Christmas Is Here” (which is included on Nicole’s Christmas album entitled “Christmas Treasures”).

“Shades of Me” captures the many shades of Nicole starting with ‘I Am Woman,’ which is the introduction to her album with a 45 seconds, recital by this gifted artist.

‘Stay With Me’ is an inspirational love song.

‘You Are’ is a unique R&B love song, a creation by Sheldon Nanton; a young upcoming producer; which was Mastered by her producer Jason Dasent.

‘Baby You’, is a Reggae love ballad where Nicole shows her versatility as an Artist.

‘Got Me On Fire’ is a fiery blend of Soca, Latin, Pan, and Jazz music.

‘Around The World, Its Christmas’ is Nicole’s Holiday track that gets everyone into the Christmas spirit.

‘Believe It’ is a vibrant inspirational pop song.

The Artwork for Nicole’s album cover was done by Jason’s wife; Sarah Joseph-Dasent, who is an accomplished Fine Artist.

Nicole’s album ‘Shades of Me” was released on September 12, 2020, and is now available online at Apple, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

What inspired you to write this release?

“Shades of Me” came about while I was chatting with a friend, who after hearing my songs said, ‘Nicole you have so many colors to your voice and music, what about naming your album ‘Colors of Me?’                           It seemed nice but it was not hitting me the right way so I begun to explore other options and no sooner did “Shades of Me” pop into my head and I said ‘Yes’, this is it and that was how “SHADES OF ME” was borne.

The magnificent artwork was the creation of Sarah Joseph-Dasent, my producer’s wife. Sarah had invited me to her art exhibition. I remembered as I walked in, my eyes fell on the painting. It was love at first sight; the bond was instant. I was so excited because it was a true representation of the artistry of my work. This caused me to push the envelope a step further with the introduction for my album ‘I Am Woman’. The artwork inspired me to share a snippet of one of my poems. ‘I Am Woman define me as a Woman: Strong, Confident, and Self-Assured.



Describe the writing and recording process

In the studio, Jason and I were finalizing the songs for the album.                                                                        “Got Me On Fire” was the first song we tackled. We were breaking down the lyrics to arrive at the musical dynamics for the song. As ‘Trinis” (as we are called), Soca Music is infectious and after singing the lyrics, Jason fell in love with it instantly. This led him to include our national instrument the ‘Pan’, and like a tropical drink; a splash of Latin and Jazz Music became part of the blend.

“Stay With Me” was pure magic in that when Jason and I begun to record the song it took on a whole new meaning. At first, it was thought to be a typical love song but sometimes music can take on its own demeanor. It became an inspirational love song with spiritual connections and harmonies we were able to create.

As I began to sing the lyrics for ‘Around The World It Christmas, Jason was able to identify the chords right away on the keyboards and the magic began.

“Baby You” was the reggae song that Jason loved as soon as he heard it. Jason spent a lot of time to ensure the reggae music had the Jamaican influence that was required. The connectivity was so profound that in the end we were both smiling because the great outcome was the result of our enjoyment, dedication, commitment, and hard work.

“Believe It” involved a lot of musical arrangements and Jason wanted to make sure this pop track was perfect before I got in the studio to record. It was worth the wait because in the end the music was fantastic and I was able to execute the vocals well.

Any plans to hit the road?

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, there are no concerts taking place at this time.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

As a Singer/Songwriter I have been blessed with the ability to pen lyrics and create melodies simultaneously. This is rare especially as I do not play any instruments. It’s truly a blessing and a gift from God.

My versatility in genres allow me to carry my Caribbean influences with me (both locally, from my homeland Trinidad & Tobago, where our rich culture of Calypso, Soca as well as Soca Parang & Parang Music which is evident during our Christmas celebrations) and in the Caribbean with Reggae and Latin Music.                                                                                                                                                                                    My voice is diverse and affords me the unique ability to sing many genres such as R&B/Soul, Pop, Alternative, Hip/Hop, Jazz and Holiday music as well.


Who have you been listening to lately?

Will Gittens (Singer/Songwriter) from my homeland Trinidad & Tobago (who resides in Nashville Tennessee).

Master KG ft. Nomcebo – ‘Jerusalema’ – This is the Universal Song that has taken the world by storm and the Jerusalema dance that’s trending on Tik Tok and Facebook.

Alicia Keys

John Legend


Who are your biggest influences?

Whitney Huston

Mariah Carey

Alicia Keys

Mary J Blige




Tell us about your passions

My number one passion is singing and continuing to create great Music for the world to enjoy. It’s this passion that keeps me going as I want to see our world united and Music is definitely the way we can break barriers universally.

Positivity is key and that is what keeps me motivated and grounded in faith, especially with today’s challenges of Covid-19 pandemic. We have been thrown a curve ball where washing of hands, wearing face masks and social distancing have taken precedence and become the ‘new normal’.

Each morning, I place an inspirational quote on Facebook and Twitter in an effort to spread love and positivity around the world. It is the little things we do that can help someone that is in need.                       It’s my small contribution to help easy the stresses of today.

What else is happening next in your world?

I have an exciting potential virtual concert next month; but I’m unable to give any details at this time.



Thanks for an awesome interview, Nicole De Coteau



Connect with Nicole De Coteau

Website: http://www.nicoledecoteau.comFacebook:

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