It’s high time we’ve met: A few words with Hip Hops hopeful new king

Tell us about yourself and your music

So I go by King Logan. (Real name Joshua Majka ) I started Freestyling at twelve, (rap) under a bridge in Philly. It was dark, and I was tired from skating all day but I heard them (the crowd) rapping and I had to see it for myself. There was a small lull at one point and I don’t really know what made me do it, but I went for it and just started rapping. It was like in the movies when the record skips right when someone says something awkward… all eyes on me. I remember feeling like I was gonna pee myself!!! When I finished most of them laughed at me and some called me a kook, (a Philly skate term for nonlocal or unwelcome person) but two of them said it was great and that was all I needed to hear… I was hooked!

Talk to us more about your latest release

B.A.D is a man’s take on WAP !!! It’s a fun, up-tempo club banger!! The banging beat (produced by Blanq Beatz) combined with the unapologetic, yet radio-friendly lyrics is a combination for the ages! As I was constructing my album, I wanted to demonstrate that I wasn’t just your run of the mill rapper. A songwriter at heart, I love to write songs about any and every subject! This track is just a fun track about a fun time and I hope you enjoy hearing it as much as I enjoyed creating it!

What inspired you to write this release?

Honestly,  not having enough radio singles on my project, (laughs) I was tooling around on and stumbled across this gem of an instrumental and said I’m getting that for sure! I saw the attention WAP was getting and said I need to make something that grabs people’s attention! Shout out to both Megan and Cardi, without y’all I wouldn’t have been inspired to answer back!!

Describe the writing and recording process

I had so much fun just listening to the backtrack, there wasn’t really much to write it! I laugh all the time about how it only took me maybe twenty minutes to type this song out, and about two run-throughs to hammer down the hook! I literally freestyled the song into existence then sat for twenty minutes typing it from my practice run-through! It was just so fun, When we heard the finished product we knew we had that magic! That “hit potential” dripping from every sound actually altered the course of the entire release. I had to make it the first single off of my upcoming studio effort!

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

I hope I can soon! This year has been tough on us all, so I will reserve the complaining for someone who deserves it more… I’m just happy to be truly blessed enough to be here now doing what I’m doing. I’ll take it until the world gets a little less crazy, after that… Watch Out Y’all!! I’ll be everywhere I can be.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Well in my mind branding is the absolute hardest part of this beast I’ve come to face. A formidable foe at that. I’ve never been one to ride trends, or be with the “here and now”. Meaning, what the general public is digging on at the moment. I was always one for the here and now, as in whatever I was doing I was usually lost in that till I was done. This leads me to be slightly out of touch with the trends as I was living for me. I hope that my branding can be centered around the message within my songs and the way they make you feel. There is a lot out there to go off as well, (mainly SoundCloud )  recently I’ve taken to Spotify and Pandora though so I’m stoked on that!

Who have you been listening to lately?

King Logan radio on Spotify of course! (jokingly) Nah but for real, I am such an eclectic person that I will leave that to rap, and if the fans wanna know more they can get @ me… Now as far as rap goes…

ILL BILL just did a  project with NEMS (Gorilla Twins ) kisses fingers like a chef) it’s amazing!! After I heard it I got to talking to Stu bangas to get him to cook me up some heat and we are def working on a project soon! I’ve been on to ILL BILL forever, that dude goes in.

My homie Journal just dropped his dancehall track “Dancing in my bed” that’s a banger, and hmm Lil Durk and Drakes laugh now cry later is some heat too!

Who are your biggest influences?

Man, that depends on the song! I used to be a hater! ( no cap ) I used to hate all this new stuff coming out as every other boom bap head did. Now, these new cats are driving me to adjust to the new surroundings, I respect that. My inspiration is really music itself. It’s everything, it’s everywhere, and when it reaches the appropriate ears it interacts with every fiber of their being. If you listen to my tracks you’ll hear the fluidity from topic to topic, mood to mood, and cadence to cadence. My songs are memories painted out on a timeline like a story would be, if you get into lyrics you’ll love my style.

Tell us about your passions

Besides music… I’d say food and skateboarding. I love to explore foreign cultures and cuisine. My girlfriend loves to eat food from all over the world and does her best to keep things traditional, it makes it nice for us to learn new cultures using food as an entry point.  Skateboarding has always been my passion though. There’s nothing quite like it! Imagine moving between thirty and fifty miles an hour (depending on your skills) sideways on a wall, with over vert angles, using a piece of wood and some skate wheels…. sound like fun? Did to me (laughs heartily)

What else is happening next in your world?

Music videos shoot… Not too experienced with acting, and when I’m not rapping I clam up on cam (nervous chuckle) But we’re gonna do this thing and they are gonna be movies I promise!



Thanks for an awesome interview, King Logan



Connect with King Logan

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