Indie Country-Pop Phenom Eileen Carey

Indie Country-Pop Phenom Eileen Carey

Tell us about yourself and your music

I am a country-pop singer-songwriter storyteller, and my music is about the things and situations that people live through. People in their everyday lives. The core principle in my music is that of options. I try to suggest different ways of looking at a situation. I believe self-esteem and positive response to all situations is an important part of successful living.

I come from a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio where I grew up listening to pop music, eighties music; Chrissie Hynde, Martha Davis, The Beatles, and studied drums and sang in school musicals. I moved to Los Angeles to work in the management of a hotel chain, working 15 hours a day, and booking entertainment along with my workload when it struck me one night on the way home that I could sing and write songs myself.

I co-write a majority of my songs, but not all. I have always been interested in a good song; a song that fits my vocal style and is consistent with my message no matter who wrote it. Nashville Music Guide a ways back, “an accomplished storyteller… Her songs offer distinct, prominent messages about personal empowerment and emotional fulfillment.” My message in my music is, that we can do what we believe we can do and that the journey itself is the reward.

Talk to us more about your latest release

The song describes a certain situation but it can really apply to so many possible difficult life situations. Men, women, parents, children, work, and friends, in all relationships a person should see that they do not have to put up with a bad relationship.,

What inspired you to write this release?

My last two releases “Keep Your Love To Yourself” and “Finally” were written by Meesha Black who was introduced to me by my longtime producer Travis Allen. I enjoy singing covers because I can’t pass up a good song. The same holds true about original songs that I love.  Meesha is a special songwriter and I couldn’t pass these songs, “Keep Your Love To Yourself” and “Finally,” up. “Keep Your Love To Yourself” hugely resonates with folks. That is why I decided to sing it.



Describe the writing and recording process

My first ideas for Meet Me Halfway, for instance, came from my witnessing an accident that nearly happened on a famous corner in Hollywood, California some years ago. I will never forget the picture of that young woman talking to herself it would seem, but really so deeply engrossed in a conversation on her cell phone that despite the screeching of tires in front of her she didn’t break stride. She looked at the driver but didn’t even acknowledge the possibility she could actually have been hurt and continued crossing as if she were living in a video game. That image stuck with me for some time. Did I think how distracted can you be?

The last few years have become so contentious and uncivilized that no one wants to compromise. People use to claim that familiarity would make us closer to each other and that the internet allowed us to talk to people all over the world. Unfortunately, it did the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, the internet has been instrumental in my career, but it is no substitute for personal contact. That “look me in the eye line” in Meet Me Halfway. No matter what the differences we need to get on the same page somehow. You know, at least, Meet Me Halfway              

 I kind of report through my music. My songs are little stories. Little plays that reflect what I see, hear, and encounter. Sometimes it is just a word. Sometimes it is something in the news. Movies inspire me, as do great people in any area of life. I create my music and lyrics from what I see all around me.

I co-write a majority of my songs, but not all. As I said above Meesha Black wrote, “Finally” and “Keep Yourself to yourself, I am, and have always been interested in a great song; a song that fits my vocal style and is consistent with my message no matter who wrote it. I’m a hard sell when it comes to choosing a song though.

The recording process has somewhat changed in recent years with my longtime producer Travis Allen moving his Nashville Tracks to Nashville, lol.

Any plans to release a video?

Any plans to hit the road?

Well during this pandemic it has been a guessing game on dates and when and where the next show, tour or even finishing my album will be. Had a show canceled a show sharing the stage with R&B legend Aaron Neville, in Montclair, California, on the 13th of September and was headlining the Nashville Sync Summit this past August, which was also canceled due to Covid-19. I am still booked for the Los Angeles Sync Summit in December but believe that will be canceled as well.

What makes that drag is I book all my club dates around those tour events. Same with missing my traditional yearly fairs and festival tours. I have a big team including my band members who I know are feeling the crunch all performers are feeling. Fortunately, they are all very talented, professional, and always in demand and have adjusted their services to address the industry needs now..For example, my music director and lead guitarist John McDuffie for better than a decade has filled the same role with Rita Coolidge for as long or longer actually. We have been working on virtual performances, and it is a challenge.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Branding is an interesting subject altogether. I ascribe to the philosophy that an independent artist, any artist for that matter, or brand should always be in the public ear and eye. That is the reason that I have been releasing singles for the last three and a half years, opening for classic artists like Jefferson Starship, Wilson Phillips, and Ambrosia and create signature merchandise for each release. For KYLTY” I even produced masks with my signature and signature art style on them. Fans love it! Often I have been known to toss t-shirts and CDs out to the crowd during my encore.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Here is my current playlist.

Keith Urban “Coming Home”

Cheryl Crowe “A Change Would Do You Good”

Bruno Mars “Just the Way You Are”

Katie Perry “Hot & Cold”

Pink “Who Knew”

Maroon 5 “Moves like Jagger”

Thomas Rhett “Craving You”

Cold Play “Adventure of a Lifetime”

Gwen Stefani “Make Me like You”

Shawn Mendes “Nothing Holding Me Back”

Rob Thomas Matchbook 20 “Hold on Forever”

George Ezra “Shotgun”

Twenty one Pilots Stressed out

Sheryl Ceow Be Myself

Kygo & Imagine Dragons born to be yours

Maren Morris The Middle

Andy Grammer Good to be alive

Who are your biggest influences?

My influences are from songwriters like Diane Warren, Ali Willis, Keith Urban, Lennon & McCartney, Eighties music is a big influence in my music. Also, singer-songwriters like Martha Davis, Sheryl Crow, singers like Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Barbara Streisand.

Tell us about your passions

: I am passionate about so many things! Besides the fact that like so many of us these days find myself glued to the news. Probably too much. I am very passionate about my family and friends. I am very lucky in life to have an amazingly supportive husband and two daughters, but also family back east and a very close circle of friends. I am, and have been known for years, known as The Music Mom for my blog called , where I post about parenting for the world of the music professional. Having had to juggle two daughters with my career, some years ago I decided that my experiences can be of value to my colleagues. It really speaks to all parents in work intensive careers.

I am a longtime animal lover and activist, and in 2014 hosted, along with Morgan Fairchild and the Los Angeles based TNR free clinic FixNation a fundraising event at the famed Autry Museum in Los Angeles. My husband and I recently created a non-profit called Stray Paw Animal Haven, TNR For cats  Been an active rescue family most of our adult lives.

I am passionate about women’s rights and women’s parity on the radio. I have two small Facebook pages dedicated to that, women’s radio parity. Coming out of the country music world I am particularly aware of the in balance.

I have trained as kick-boxer for over a decade, and I am a big sports fan. Ohio State Buckeyes, Los Angeles Kings, Philadelphia Eagles, Lakers, Dodgers, etc. Often host Ohio State Football game watch parties in my house in Altadena, California. My husband has held onto our Cleveland teams, where we grew up as well.

What else is happening next in your world?

I recently released “Keep Your Love To Yourself” as a single and been actively supporting the release with online promotions, radio campaigns, and a merchandise giveaway. The lyric video has seen 100,000 plus views in a month’s time from posting, and it is charting in three radio genres, Country, AC/Hot AC and CHR. I have been busy writing new material for the next single and an album release, recording live for virtual delivery, have been writing a personal career commentary column for Country Music News International out of Germany and plan to continue to do so. I believe I have posted some of my best The Music Mom posts this past year as well. I am still booked at the Sync Summit in Los Angeles on December 2, 2020, and I have an open invitation to weigh in on some topics for Women Connect4Good Inc. Women in the workplace issues, for me most likely the workplace for a female lead singer and artist among the male musicians. It is in progress.



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