Artist Interview: Tut the God

Artist Interview: Tut the God


Tell us about yourself and your music

As many may know my name is “Tut the God” i was born in Chicago, IL on the west side. When i first started making music my name was “FAZE” don’t ask me why because i cant tell you why i came up with that name it was just something that stuck with me for a little while. i eventually became Tut as i got older because ive always liked stuff involving Egypt, so i was king tut for a while but i noticed i wouldnt get anywhere with that name because if you google king tut the real guy pops up so i had to find a way to make it different thus came along Tut the God. My music is pretty versatile i can literally rap on anything. but me being from Chicago most of my music is “drill”. don’t get me wrong tho i have experimented with other sounds and i have found a few i can pull off but i just gravitate towards drill.


Talk to us more about your latest release

My most recent release is from a mixtape im dropping on Feb. 20th titled “DrillaMusic” and its also the only project that will have nothing but drill music on it, but my new track is named “Like Its Nothing” produced by the great DittyBeats, shout out to him. I made this song in like 15 minutes tops, it was like i played the beat fell in love with it, and then everything after was just natural. I also showcased my new style of rapping in this song as well, so needless to say im really proud of this song and the project that it is apart of. Oh and i almost forgot My official album called “Sinner” will be dropping in april so be expecting that.



What inspired you to write this release?

Really i didn’t have any kind of inspiration when the song was being recorded. Its like i said i heard the beat and the rest just came natural as if that beat was made specifically for me.


Any plans to release a video?

Well I had recently dropped a video to one of my older songs called “position” but yea i got plans to drop videos all year so let this be known LakaFilms imma be hitting you soon bro bro


Any plans to hit the road?

i got somethings planned out i cant speak on yet but yea Tut coming to a city near you. If you rocking with keep rocking bro, and if you just tuning in go to and get caught up you feel me.


As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Well to be honest the first thing that makes me stand out is my name, some people call it offensive and what not. I have caught so much negativity from name but I don’t care I’m still Tut the God so what ever, but you know a lot of these new rappers don’t really have talent they are just catchy so i put the two together i can be catchy and i have talent so if you want real music with that “lil uzi” or “Famous Dex” kind of bounce i got you covered, or if you looking for some real hiphop i got that to, even for the ladies if they want that classic R&B sound i give it to them. I touch all aspects of music and people gravitate towards that thus being the reason i call myself the god of rap.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Lately ive been listening to alot of upcoming artists, such as people like “Ice Blunted”, if im feeling political ill throw on some “PMF” but my average playlist consist of “Rico Reckless” Ewol Samo” “Lil Knight”,”Lil Koat” some “drake” every now and then or ill go old school and play some “tupac” or “Nas” and a lot of Me.


Tell us about your passions

When I wake up first thing i need is my medicine to get my day going after that I really don’t do anything besides music, don’t get me wrong I’m talented in a lot of categories but I’m only passionate about my music, like with out being able to create music i would be your average Joe.


What else is happening next in your world?

Next for me is the XXL cover thats what im shooting for and my album being the hottest album this year with a few big name feaotures, so stay tuned man im coming for that top spot like “Tory Lanez” said you cant share 1st place.


Thanks for an awesome interview, Brandon!



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