Artist Interview: The Flesh Hammers

Artist Interview: The Flesh Hammers



Tell us about yourself and your music

The Flesh Hammers fronted by enigmatic provocateur, Blackie Crabtree, are a controversial, and musically brilliant outfit who have succeeded in creating a sound all their own. The band was formed in 2003. Based in Northern Nevada, The Flesh Hammers, innovators of the “Gutter Punk” sound play throughout the western states as well as regular gigs in their favorite city away from home, San Francisco. The band unleashes rawk at the rate of submachine gun fire. Blackie, known as “The Black Thrush” on Bass and Vocals, Paula Lee on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Kevin on Drums, and Marty on Lead Guitar. LIVE they are a force that needs to be heard and seen to be believed! They released their first album, RIDING DIRTY in 2005. Their second album was recorded in San Francisco at Rodent Records and released in 2009 on Wondertaker Records titled, SATAN ON THE DASH. The band’s 3rd album BULLSEYE was released August 2013. Their 4th album FASTEST BAND IN THE WEST…LIVE! was released November 2015. They were featured performers at the 2014 Las Vegas Music Summit and played The 2015 Offbeat Festival in Reno, Nevada. Their 5th album will be released in Spring 2017.



Talk to us more about your latest release

We released “Fastest Band in the West…Live” as a way to capture our live sound and the energy of our shows and audience. We recorded the shows at two of our favorite clubs! We mostly played older material on the CD, only one new song on the recording, but we thought that was a fun way to showcase our first three albums before we moved on to newer material.




What inspired you to write this release?

We wanted to capture the live energy of our shows and the audience.

Any plans to release a video?

We’ve released many videos! Most recent one listed below.



Any plans to hit the road?

We are always looking to get out on the road! We love to tour though didn’t get to play as much out of town last year, but that’s gonna change this year! In any given year though we play more songs away from home than local shows. Our first show of this year will be in San Jose on Saturday, April 8 at O’Malleys. It’s been booked by Ritual San Jose.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I think we stand out just by the music we’re playing! Fans have told us we remind them of 70s punk bands such as The New York Dolls, The Cramps, X, etc. There aren’t many bands that have that kind of sound these days! No one knows what to classify our music as – we’ve been booked with punk bands, rock cover bands, and metal bands, but we don’t really fit into any of those genres. Also, being a woman there still aren’t very many female rock guitarists who really get down and rock like the guys! It stands out.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Alot of Black Metal! We’re huge fans of alot black metal bands. Marduk, Darkthrone, Mayhem, Carach Anagren, Inquisition, Behemoth…Blackie also listens to alot of punk like G.G. Allin, Murder Junkies, Dictators, The Stooges. I’ve been listening to alot of 70s and 80s rock & metal like Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Montrose. As for other bands – we love Nashville Pussy! We tend to listen to more ‘underground’ newer bands – bands that aren’t on big labels or even signed.

Tell us about your passions

Besides work – ha! Unfortunately we all have to have day jobs. Coffee!

What else is happening next in your world?

We’re in the middle of recording our 5th album! We have alot of new songs and are excited to get them out there. Also, trying to plan a mini west coast tour within the next year. We’ve played up and down California before, but not been able to take a 2-week tour in a long time. We’re trying to go from San Diego all the way to Vancouver. If it wasn’t for our jobs and money concerns we would’ve already done it!

Thanks for an awesome interview, Paula!



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