Artist Interview: Nurse Sim

Artist Interview: Nurse Sim


Tell us about yourself and your music

I was born in California into a music craving, “kill you if you scratch my albums,” type of family. The Motown sound filled up my house as a child so naturally my music is stuffed with soul like stuffing in a turkey. I am a vet in the rap game. I started producing at the age of 16 and starting writing lyrics at 18. I stole money to buy my first keyboard. We didn’t have much so, I knew if I wanted to pursue music I had to get what was necessary. Writing lyrics happened when I got my first taste of my ego talking. I did not believe in the local rappers so, I figured I could be better and that is what I did. Looking back I had no business rapping. Everyone and I do mean everyone who was rapping in my hood back then was better than me. I got major respect for all of them who are still in the game. Couldn’t nobody in my hook fuck with my beats though. I still got the hottest beats and maybe not the hottest flow, but it’s hot!

Talk to us more about your latest release

Recently I changed my name from Nurse Sim to Victory Da Rapper. My latest release Famous Street is a deep thinking, and soul searching album with fun tunes like “Staying In The Club,” to keep people dancing. Whenever I get the chance I make people appreciate what they have or use to have. I hate for people to lose anything except harm and death.



What inspired you to write this release?

I have a good heart Yo. I started a movement called VSUP pronounced(V’s Up). It means Victory is up. Everything a person set out to do should already be celebrated if they truly believe in what they set out to do. Victory Da Rapper is only the first trophy for VSUP. I have VSUP Records now. Victory Da Producer, Actor, Author, Painter, Director, Philanthropist etc is yet to be unvailed to the world. They ain’t ready for all that yet. I’m changing the game and I’m not mumbling.

Any plans to release a video?

Hundreds, but it doesn’t make sense right now. What I have on youtube is a video of a live performance. The audio isn’t live in the video. I am kind of old school Yo. I want fans to wait until I am with a major label to make a high quality video. I feel like why give them everything now? An author wouldn’t put his book out until its finished. Releasing a major video to the world before it’s the right time would be like bootlegging my own career. Hahaha



Any plans to hit the road?

I am working on some new material for my next album titled “Ready For War.” When it is complete I will start touring. Local touring basically because as much as I want to lie and say I am in high demand it is just not a fact. It’s not that I’m not good enough to ne it is because I don’t work as hard at collecting a following as I do at making music.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Im unique so it easily translates into unique sounds. My duty as a artist is to always be different so when I approach the making of music process I go with my gut. I’m mixed emotions plus truth. I’m fun and serious. I’m quiet and loud. I can make you smile and frown. My music is not like a box of chocolates it’s a whole new kind of candy.

Who have you been listening to lately?

Lately in my Cadillac Escalade disc changer Im banging out Jay Z’s first Blueprint album, Aries Spears comedy CD, Snoop Doggs Doggystyle album, 50 Cents single This is How We Do, The Game single Lady, and J.Cole

Tell us about your passions

I have three daughters who I’d kill for literally. That includes myself. If I have to go 100 everyday loosing sleep to make their transition from child to adult easier that is what I’m going to do. Another thing is self gratification but the most important is I don’t want to let Hod down. He gave me a shot at life so the worst thing for me to do is waste it. I don’t fuss, argue, or complain. I just do what’s right and keep it moving.

What else is happening next in your world?

My days are numbered as an artist so Im working on my label VSUP RECORDS. Check out the website. There are many uodates needed but its there. I spend most of my days working 8 hour shifts as a Nurse. I love my job. I am also in the process of starting group homes for intellectually disabled individuals. Many projects for VSUP. God willing they will all be successful.

Thanks for an awesome interview, QASIM!



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