Artist Interview: For His Glory

Artist Interview: For His Glory



Tell us about yourself and your music

The Elevator Pitch: Hi my name is Mrs. Yvonne Perkins. I’m a gospel songwriter with many award winning songs heard around the world. My songs are meant to encourage, motivate and challenge and inspire the listener to enter a new realm of worship and praise. If you are looking for an original song for your next project please check out my website at I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.
The Long Version: I’m a gospel songwriter, blogger, coach, wife, mother, grandmother, soul winner and intercessor. Of all the things that I am, I am not a singer. That’s right, I’m not a singer. Not that I don’t like to sing. I love singing; only solo as in so low that you can’t hear me. I like to joke and say that God heard my singing and said: “my child I give you the gift of writing”.

So whose voice is that on my songs? I give Kudos to the many talented and gifted demo singers whose voices you hear on the songs. Brandee Nelson, a truly remarkable Indie artist, and demo singer is the voice on many of my songs. There have been several others artists as well. All of my songs are professionally arranged and mastered. I have been blessed to work with very talented people. Walter Jones of Gifted Productions produced, master and sang on at least 10 songs. Kenneth Taylor, who has worked with artists like The Hawkins singers, Eric Carrington, Bishop James Dixon III and so much more, is the producer for most of my songs. I have also used the service of Nashville Song Service for several projects.

I write gospel songs in different styles, Contemporary, Christian, Country and Traditional gospel.



Talk to us more about your latest release

I’m currently waiting to receive the finished product on two songs. So, I will tell you about the most recent release. The title is “I Am”.




What inspired you to write this release?

I was meditating on the bible scripture Exodus 3:14 I am that I am. The more I meditated on it, the more I thought about all the things that God is. God is whoever, whatever, whenever. I don’t think that we can really comprehend what God is saying and how powerful that statement is.


Any plans to release a video?

. I don’t have any plans to do so. However, my songs have been recorded Indie Artists and some of them have either expressed a desire to do so or have done so. Diana Wills released the song and video “My Worship Warfare” based on “My Worship is my Warfare. A young lady whose youtube name is Taye71, heard My Worship is my Warfare and was inspired to create a video for it. She did an amazing job. This is what I mean when I say my songs are meant to meant to encourage, motivate and challenge and inspire the listener to enter a new realm of worship and praise



Any plans to hit the road?

Again, I am a songwriter, not a singer. However, several Artists have recorded my songs. I have to note that these artists are gifted songwriters themselves so it is indeed an honor and humbling that they chose my work to record. Having said that, I do keep up with these Artists and encourage others to follow them. Trish Standley recorded ” I Don’t Know” on her CD “Redemption”. She is in the process of releasing a new project. Arnetta Yancey recorded 1) Where do they go?( I really do hope she follows up with the video for this song) 2.The Altar Call and 3) Shut Your Mouth Satan. Faye Mosby recorded “My Worship is my Warfare and released it along with her book Through the Fire” She is in the process of releasing her new single “Beautiful Desire”.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

Yvonne Perkins A Gospel Songwriter at That is my brand. My vision is to get my songs out in front of producers, recording artists, screenwriters, television producers, playwrights etc. How do you accomplish that when you are not a singer? You search for ways to get name recognition. You enter songwriting competitions etc. that give validity to you as a writer. I am the recipient of many awards as a songwriter including Song of the Year winner, runner-up etc. mention in Billboard, songs in Top Ten on sites like, and high ranking on sites like NumberOne, Sonicbids just to name a few.

Who have you been listening to lately?

You Deserve it, J.J. Harriston, Shifting the Atmosphere, and Nothing without you, Jason Nelson. Anything by Juanita Bynum, I think she has the heart of a worshipper.Any song that leads you to a place of worship.

Tell us about your passions

What literally gets me out of bed is Prayer. I facilitate a prayer line two days a week. I am up every morning at 4:45 a.m. to participate on the prayer line. Intercession is my passion.

What else is happening next in your world?

Several of my songs have passed the initial screening for several upcoming projects. I’m waiting in pregnant expectation to see the manifestations of the promises and goodness of God as it relates to my music. Also, I am a coach with ECMA, founder Mr. Henry Harris, former board president of Stella Awards. I’m looking forward to starting another coaching session in February. This is a group of phenomenal people in the music industry sharing expertise with Indie artists.

As mentioned at beginning of this interview, I am a blogger. My blogs can be found at The Christian Post, a worldwide international internet magazine. Look for my works under the title “A Praying Life”.

My music can be found RINGTONES

Thanks for an awesome interview, Yvonne!



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