Artist Interview: Dupual

Artist Interview: Dupual


Tell us about yourself and your music

My name is Dupual, I’m an electronic producer from Jacksonville Florida. I have always loved being in the arts since i was a kid in elementary school I was heavily influenced by Disney Channel, before I started making music I wanted to be an actor, writing was my passion, a heavy passion at that, I use to write mini books and plays all the time. Till this day I still have a lot of my writing books from years and years of nonstop inspiration. I got more into the arts when I was in middle school, learning how to make transitions and plots, rises and climaxes. I soon felled in love with musicals and the way they incorporated script writing with music and dancing and the beats was always on point, High School Musical had a big impact on me wanting to write musicals, I wanted to be diverse slowly leaning to music production in 2011 with the program called “Cubase” which became more popular because of their really cool remix comps they would have. I am self taught on everything music wise, playing the piano, music theory, mixing and mastering. I then ventured to several of programs but FL Studio was the most fluent daw that was out there, that I liked of course. Around the end of 2011 I released my first song “Diamonds Of The Skies” which was a song i made off Cubase, of course. In my early releases Cubase was what i used for all my productions, many of my old songs was made on that online music software which is currently shut down for good, due to a massive lawsuit they suffered over copyright issues. In 2012 I worked with Liaz Suso on our complextro song “Identity” which we collab with Chaz McKinney on, a christian singer, very talented guy. I later on released several of songs such as Radioactive, F*ck My Epicness, Toxic Rain (Dupual Remix), Chasing Ghost (Dupual Remix) I suffered a huge depression lash in late 2013, ultimately making me want to give up on music and so I did. I wipe myself from social media and everything in my life felled apart, it was then my little brother Jahleel who was an inspiring Singer got me back on my feet and got me to find myself, once more. I came back hitting the scene with my complextro hit “Escape From Wonderland” which quickly took off my career and landing me on a Soundcloud management. I have many other releases, including working with many new artist, leaving my electronic ways to produce pop music, now i producer pop and electronic music.

Talk to us more about your latest release

Metamorphosis was my latest released, the synth pop bop which was collaborated with my longtime friend and producer bud Saint Dominic was made in early 2016. He sent me the original demo and i love the chord progression he had so much, so of course i wanted to collab with him on this amazing track. Originally Metamorphosis was made a music concept, we were never going to release the final version. It was such a huge hit on the snippet i uploaded on my alt music account and fans were asking if me and Saint Dominic will be releasing the song. After talking to Saint Dominic we’ve to the conclusion of releasing it within two months, but since we finished the track a month ahead of scheduling time we released it a month early, Metamorphosis is one of my best original tracks till this day.


What inspired you to write this release?

Any plans to release a video?



Any plans to hit the road?

Yes actually, I have 5 different festival spots lineup this year which I cannot speak of but one, which me and CFO Jared Hammons who helps me run our label Binaural Saint Records are planning a massive festival in Jacksonville Florida this summer. Our goal is to bring EDM to Jacksonville once more with one blow out fest of a show. It will be one of the biggest music events Jacksonville has ever had since Welcome To Rockville.

As an indie artist, how do you brand yourself and your music to stand out from the rest of the artists out there?

I believe being myself is what truly makes me different, no one is doing what I’m doing. I switch my sound up all the time, you’ll never hear me doing the same thing over and over again because it’s “popular” I believe diversity is the key to success and without diversity how are we going to stand out from each other? My new music is really amazing, it’s dark electronic, something that isn’t hugely on the scene, which is good because that gives me a chance to base my sound off something no one really hears nowadays. I try helping out a lot of artist with free promo and me posting their music because I believe if you believe in yourself then you deserve to be heard no matter how hard it might be to get yourself out there, start a foundation for yourself, build a legacy for yourself because at the end of the day as an artist all you have is yourself ad your music.

Who have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to a lot of different type of music. Mainly alternative pop music, like Halsey, Aurora, etc, their music has that thing, you know? It’s fresh and it’s new and no one is doing what they’re doing which is why they stand out and which is why I love listening to them.

Tell us about your passions

Sometimes i wake up in the morning and is like “Man I don’t feel like doing this today” but I know i have responsibilities to handle, like my job and the house and I really want a pet soon! Hahaha, but I think it’s the thought of knowing I woke up another day, to another amazing day, and what today might bring is what truly gets me moving. It can either be bad or good, Either way it gets me going to know there’s a world of hope out there.

What else is happening next in your world?

Well my album DEMiGODiE is what’s currently the hugest part of my world right now and my label which is currently doing very well and building a fan-base so huge, everyday we’re gaining followers, truly feeling blessed. Me and CFO Jared Hammons are planning a huge EDM fest for Jacksonville FL, I can say it will be sometime this summer! With major headliners, we’ve got some artist from Circle Talent Agency that will be joining us on the festival and I am really stoked because this will be of the moments I’ve been wanting for in my life.

Thanks for an awesome interview, Pual!



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