Get Ready For Zoee8’s ‘Bangavelli 2’


New Album Out Soon

New Orleans, Louisiana – December 13, 2017 – With music that’s already going viral, Zoee8 is about to outdo himself with his upcoming release Bangavelli 2.

Comparable to Gucci Mane with his trap style meets southern charm, Zoee8 comes out the gate with original rhymes and beats. Already being played on Jango and DAGR8.FM, Zoee8 fever is spreading. People are tuning in and wanting him on repeat thanks to his vigorous and dynamic delivery as well as his voice. While many rappers let the beat carry them, Zoee8 takes charge. His voice is the guiding light through the darkness of the current landscape of hip-hop. Songs like Sonic produced, “Lie 2 Me” harkens back to the days of the beginning of gangster rap started out west.

“Lie 2 Me” is currently causing quite the stir making fans even more eager to hear what else is to come from Zoee8’s upcoming Bangavelli 2. Those interested in adding “Lie 2 Me” to their playlists, reviewing Bangavelli 2 or interviewing Zoee8 can reach out via the information below.


Zoee8 is a rapper from New Orleans with a fresh take on his upcoming release, Bangavelli 2.

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