Zavier El Nuevo Feeling del Merengue Spreads His “Amor”


Dominican Artist On The Rise


New York City, New York – May 24, 2017 – A New Yorker born and raised with a Dominican heritage, Zavier found his way to music by being at the right place at the right time. Someone liked his look, but soon enough it was his way with the sound that garnered him the success he’s had thus far. Working since the late ’80s, Zavier has been in a number of ensembles and worked with a handful of orchestras. Throughout he notes how he took a grain from each to develop the artist he is today, Zavier El Nuevo Feeling del Merengue.

After years of playing with others, he’s decided to venture out on his own as Zavier El Nuevo Feeling del Merengue. He said he’s “returned again to the rhythm that runs in my blood that is the romantic melodic merengue.” With that, he’s preparing for the release of two singles that’ll drop this coming June, one of them being “Amor.” This and a lot of his other material is heavily influenced by merengue. Hence the name, his sound is a light danceable, tropical latin rhythm mixed with melodious love song vibes.

In the past Zavier El Nuevo Feeling del Merengue has performed throughout New York City in the Dominican Parade and the Hispanic Day Parade. He’s also taken the stage at festivals from Pennsylvania to Texas to Florida. Next up he’ll head down to the Dominican Republic on a promotional tour late June with the new material he’s currently finishing up.

Those interested in adding “Amor” to their playlists, reviewing his music or speaking with Zavier El Nuevo Feeling del Merengue can get in touch via the information provided below.


Zavier El Nuevo Feeling del Merengue is a Dominican artist from New York City with a loving Latin flare, and a new single entitled “Amor.”

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