Young Ferrari Host;s “IT’S A RAP”

Contact: Young Ferrari
Phone: 786-205-7724

Young Ferrari

For Immediate Release: Press Release
Show Title: “IT’S A RAP
Type: Internet Talk Show with live audience
Host: Young Ferrari w/ Featured Co-Hosts
Air Date: May 6, 2013, Monday at 7:00 PM
Location: C.L. Gaskin Center
5525 N.W. 7th Ave. Miami, FL. 33127
Population Target: Global
Frequency: 1/week
$5.00 – General Audience Entry Fee
$25.00 – Artist Submission
$50.00 – Video Placement

Show Summary:
• “IT’S A RAP is a internet based talk show designed for the viewer & fan to tap into the underground world of Hip-Hop. “IT’S A RAP will provide Rap & R&B genre exposure for underground artist.
• Each episode will consist of a live opening performance followed by a discussion panel with artists featured on the show along with main stream industry guest.
• At the end of each show a group of up to 5 artists’ will do a Rap Cypher on the same beat. Each Cypher will have no battling only talent showcase.
• Throughout the show there will be a Top 5 video countdown from independent Hip-Hop & R&B underground artist. It will be up to the viewer’s discretion to use online & text to vote on each video, the videos with the highest rate will continuously be featured on the countdown.
• Voting will be available on Panel discussions will include; but are not limited to hot topic interviews, skits, music /entertainment news& local community organization spotlight.

The making of “IT’S A RAP will be available on on Monday’s at 7:00 PM & the show will then air on