Xxodys The Intellekt Brings Muzyk To The Movement


Cartersville, Georgia — April 2, 2017 — Xxodys The Intellekt celebrates new beginnings and the new EP release “Xxodys The Intellekt Presents…Movement Muzyk”. He delivers a golden era style of lyricism, unique swag, and intelligent thought to this EP. Because of his drive and desire to be a voice for those that want to hear change in the music, Xxodys The Intellekt truly stands out in a sea of hip hop artists.

Xxodys The Intellekt has released a breath of fresh air for hip hop, and for those that want to hear a message in the music. The times that the people are living in dictate the need for hip hop music with an experimental production style and thought inducing lyrics. “Xxodys The Intellekt Presents…Movement Muzyk” is availiable now on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

What has been said about Xxodys The Intellekt:

– “It’s taken a long time for him to get here…but now that he is – he certainly sounds determined to stay and make a memorable impact.” – Sleeping Bag Studios
– “Xxodys The Intellekt is not your average rapper. His music is thought-provoking, inspired and extremely clever, yet punchy and catchy, just like the best hip-hop out there.” – DownBeatz
– “You’ll remember Xxodys for his words, his style and delivery…but you won’t have to remember…now that he’s here and the music’s out, I have the feeling he’ll be around for quite a while, leading the way for the people out there towards a brighter tomorrow.” – Sleeping Bag Studios

Xxodys The Intellekt is an emcee that loves to hear, and more importantly deliver, a message in his music. He has always been a renaissance emcee, and an emcee that has been grounded in the realities of this world. The savage poet is ready to speak. The question is, will the people listen to what he has to say?

Purchase “Xxodys The Intellekt Presents…Movement Muzyk” on iTunes at http://bit.ly/xxodystheintellekt.


Xxodys The Intellekt
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