Wonder How I Ever Made It Through


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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – Wonder How I Ever Made It Through
“It will never happen again…I promise.
“I was having a bad day.
“You made me angry.
“You’re worthless.
By Melissa Arditti
(WINDSOR, ON) – You already know the statistics, yet domestic violence continues to escalate worldwide for many reasons, including the fact that a majority of abuse is never reported. Both men and women suffer sometimes for years in abusive relationships (physically, emotionally/mentally and spiritually) hoping that someday they will find a way out of their situation. The worst part is that your friends and family see it, but you don’t. There always seems to be that inkling of hope that things will get better. Maybe it’s all your fault and if you change, so will your partner. Maybe you just need to try harder. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months drift into years and you’re still wearing those baggy clothes to hide those “Everything is okay, I was clumsy bruises and/or trying to justify why you need “permission to go out. Eventually, you succumb to the fact that this is how it will always be and you don’t deserve anything or anyone better.
While females are the focus of this article, males are also subject to many forms of abuse so no one is immune.
I can name a dozen musicians off the top of my head that have either experienced abuse or witnessed it. Music has a way of expressing our deepest pain through meaningful lyrics and also through the power of visual media. An incredible artist, KC Jockey, born in Jamaica and now living in Brooklyn NY is on a mission to get people talking about domestic violence. After the tragedy of losing his mother, he created “Sweet Sadie Productions in honour of her. I felt very compelled to share his newest song “Girl You’re Free with everyone. Yes, the title is self-explanatory, but the message needs to sink into all those wonderful women who need reminders that they can exist without their abusive partner. Life can begin again, better and brighter than ever before.
The video http://youtu.be/qBrCdGb7Oe4 does pack an emotional punch for anyone who has seen a loved one or even gone through abuse. KC’s intentions are genuine and there’s no gimmick here to what he is trying to accomplish. After seeing what his mother went through and what countless numbers of women deal with every day, he has the highest respect for women. KC truly hopes that his on-going campaign “Say NO to Domestic Violence will reach people and let them know that they are not alone and do have the strength to break the cycle of abuse. Freedom doesn’t always have to come at a deadly price.
The music video you can check out was shot in Atlanta by Yolande Geralds, a California director who has created videos for artists like Usher and Omarion.
After being in abusive relationships, it’s often difficult to get past the word “victim. It almost feels like a jail sentence that you cannot escape from. What’s even harder to believe, if you’re fortunate to get away, is that you’re also a survivor, and as KC’s song states “Girl You’re Free.