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LOS ANGELES, CA – Los Angeles rapper Michael Nhat (pronounced Nawt) releases vintage rap album “Those Born of a Ghost on cassette tape via Annie Hall Records on April 30th. His 5th solo album is occupied to the peripheral with samples from obscure places you wouldn’t expect. Take for example “A Love Like This where Nhat utilizes a Wayne Newton loop, the Polka morsel “Baptized in Blood or a Mel Torme appropriated “That’s Your Dad Talking with a “Stand By Me sampled intro. His lyrics are woven in aberration, sarcasm and a subtle absurd prestige with a visceral delivery and burly vocals that exude confidence and grace like someone on the radio. Nhat is a far landing from the sometimes awkward and amateur transmittals stumbling in from the bulk of most DIY nerdcore. Instead of themes, the greater of his songs propose each line or bar is an unfinished theme or idea left for the listener to wander the rest of the thought, kind of like the 1960’s Italian film “L’Aventura in which the main character goes missing and before you know it, the film abruptly ends without resolution.

Watch the 5 music videos at http://michaelnhat.la/2013/04/30/new-album-those-born-of-a-ghost/

Press Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/76569393/Album%20Archives/Those%20Born%20of%20a%20Ghost%20%28mastered%29%20mp3s.zip

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