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Contact: Curt-Lo
Phone: 336-655-0171 , 336-767-866
Email: traeshot@gmail.com

WINSTON SALEM, NC – The Square G Syndicate was started in 2008 by Trae-Shot, Curt-Lo, and J-Butta. We have since grown to include artists from New York, New Jersey, Conneticut, North Carolina and California.

The Idea was to build a group similar to the Wu-Tang Clan, but with artists from all over, with varying styles.

We have Southern styles, hardcore styles, dance/party styles, Northern lyrical styles, West Coast styles, and also some R&B singers!

Based in Winston Salem NC, we are currently working on solidifying our fan base. We now are in the production phase on several albums, mix tapes, and collaboration projects, as well as booking local shows and underground venues.

Trae-Shot is the main producer of all music from Square G. He started making music, & rapping at 16 in East Menlo Park & East Palo Alto, California. At the time learning to hone his production skill with friends such as ProHoeZak, Chunk (The Menace) & Sean-T (The Super-Producer).

In the early 90’s while doing volunteer work at the local Boys and Girls Club, (HHBC) Trae-Shot met Bart Decrem, the creator of Mozilla Firefox. Bart was then the director of his non-profit organization, Plugged In. Bart had a use for Trae in his organization as an audio engineer and producer (on the condition that Trae could transform a 12 x 20 room cluttered with recording equipment and manuals into a working studio) and a producer was born. Trae volunteered his services, & in return got a basic education in music production in a working studio setting, as well as engineering the FIRST internet radio station in the nation!

Square G Syndicate has recently been getting played on Jango, internet radio, and receiving positive feedback as well as growing a larger fan base all over the US, as well as markets in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brazil, and the UK.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from this talented bunch of artists on the rise!

For a sneak peek you can hear them at
www.ReverbNation.com/SquareGG OR
Original Instrumentals at