Victor Maxwell releases single, Girl, My Soul Is For You. Inspired by The Bee Gees.

Victor Maxwell releases single, Girl, My Soul Is For You. Inspired by The Bee Gees.


Girl, My Soul Is For You, by Victor Maxwell. Inspired by The Bee Gees, Victor delivers a 5 plus minute track of dream pop to a tune that is both airy, full of harmony, & dreamy synthesizers.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada — Friday, April 30th, 2021 — Music is a journey, and this adventure is usually in the form of a story. Part of Victor’s journey was from music aficionado to poetry, short story, and then musician. So writing was another way to escapism, to be lost in thought, and turn those thoughts into physical form. Songs of love, songs of loss, pain, and tragedy, interwoven into a tapestry of sounds and emotion.

Victor is also a fan of music, and one of the Artists Victor listens to are The Bee Gees. The smooth melodies and chorus of The Bee Gees music, have inspired Victor Maxwell to write the song Girl, My Soul Is For You. Everything starts with the words of the song, which is tied to an emotion. Victor said he usually writes a lot of lyrics for each song, while putting his spin on it, putting the bridge, and hook, in the verse, and then adding a double chorus. No tap to creativity, this song was written in the shower.

The arrangement for this track was over 5 minutes. Cool, that works. It is important to go with the feel of the song, and the emotion tied to that song, happiness, true love, and heartbreak. All different paintbrushes tied to a melody. Hope you enjoy the music, there is more music over the Horizon.

Have fun listening to the music of Victor Maxwell. Stay safe, be kind, and stand together.

Save the date, April 30th. Girl, My Soul Is For You, by Victor Maxwell.





Victor Maxwell’s LIBERATION project will be his 1st studio release; will be out in the coming months in 2021. Stay tuned for more.



Contact Name: Victor Maxwell


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