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Contact: Ross Vincent Charmoli
Phone: 651-400-1573
Email: yoorvctube@gmail.com

27 year old artist Ross Vincent Charmoli loves you. For this reason he builds original yet familiar
grand romantic musical gestures that get right at Matter’s Heart.
The general mass audience safely visits true adult entertainment WWW.RVC.XXX where they
obtain many affectionate objects freely. From Indie Art Rock group WEN’s lovely first album, to pause
motion animation pair Table Fable & Twoble Fable. Any person may also hear while digitally reading
poetical books coin termed EMATRE, emotional poetic imagery, or the second book REMATRE. On
Artist communication platform www.rvc.xxx Free citizens may tune in on live music performance videos.
Videos of acoustic long folk song project Les’ Enfants, or a Video of mini ballet piano duet Rose. There are
really just a bunch of items on the soularverse that’ll turn on any musical enthusiast.
Generated for generations, users young & old find that navigation within the pioneered
atmosphere wondrous fun. Architected on trustable hope that these first fruit artifacts reach the person’s
soul positively effecting them from that moment on where they then may positively effect their reality thus
generating a giant positive wave that envelopes the whole Earth. Where collectively, our technical ability
ultimately finds perfection enabling us to solve the myriad of problems we find on today’s “must solve
agenda. Once we’re there then let’s joyously sing for magnetically enhanced golden easy street! Until then
though, there really is much for us that must get tender attention. That’s the who what where why when
how of RVC’s goal format. One that completely meets that of light propulsive energy for eternal ages.
Compatriots may fondly find our future quite bright. What with the second wave of amicable
portions queued up; Chiorestral work LIF: Phontaizia Sungphony’s live performance video, Rap project
Geode’s premier album & single “Mountain video, Three water color books Cerrie, Love Field, Harvest,
WEN’s Second album MEN, Les’ Enfants third entry Octane, Qlazz album Yu Go Yoo, Pause Motion
Animation Fogies, Composed Oil Paint exhibition & Musiqua the musical Water Park. Watch for these
very soon on WWW.RVC.XXX. Until then, now enjoy over ten plush hours of free material from this past year’s effort.
You may reach RVC via rvc.xxx’s email function found on the big star’s page. Honestly, send a
message, these genuine articles really must reach thirsty souls. You’re the marvelously engineered
mechanical laser beam apparatus where light may find view ports. Help us build a lovable fun world?