TTwyce Plan To Redefine the Norm


Blending R&B and Hip Hop Seamlessly


Brooklyn, New York – March 25, 2016 – Love has the power to do some pretty amazing things. The most powerful thing it does though is bring people together, much like music. Which, when it comes to TTwyce, both have played a critical role. Tameeka Wells and Terry Haskins fell for one another and soon after started creating music together. Music they know is something people have been waiting for.

Audiences have long been familiar with the typical format of a hip hop song with a R&B twist. The man usually takes on the rhymes, while the woman delivers a soulful chorus. That’s where TTwyce differs. Wells is the emcee and Haskins has the sultry pipes. They feel their unique dynamic sets them apart from the crowd. Haskins notes their goals for their future, “We would like to bring R&B to a level that it has never reached before, set the bar for other artists with our soulful but hardcore music and would also like to bring back good music with positive messages.”

Spawning from musical roots and having a passion for what they do, this persistent pair know they are meant to be making music and are looking forward to releasing new music in the next month. They already have two tracks out that can be found on their YouTube page.

Those interested in hearing more from TTwyce can check out their site, here.

TTWyce is a hip hop/R&B duo out of Brooklyn who have flipped the script when it comes to what’s expected.

Terry Haskins
(516) 493-7104

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