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LOS ANGELES, CA – Total B.S. breaks the Progressive Rock mold with adventurous, genre defying music.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Riddle: What do you get when you marry Classic Rock, 70’s Soul, Funk & Disco, 80’s Metal, 90’s Angst… a dash of New Millennium Alternative… throw in some show tunes sensibility… add a choir and a little dose of Ska and Latin Jazz? I’ll tell you what you get! You get Total B.S. and they’re packing a wallop of a punch with their maiden release, “2 the Core

Hard to categorize, but inescapably impressive, Total B.S. has managed to declassify themselves. Binging their invigorating sound, Total B.S. delivers an auditory experience so refreshingly distinct, it inadvertently delivers a punishing spank to the generic climate that tends to populate most genres.

Relentlessly pushing the envelope, Total B.S. creates comfort out of chaos in a seamless soundscape that is instantly recognizable and altogether infectious. For lack of a better category, we’ll call it Progressive Rock… for its moving and storytelling arrangements, orchestrated and complex progressions and virtuosic execution. While many bands have continued the honored tradition of carrying the ‘Prog Torch’ as an ode to the progressive rock heroes of yesteryear, Total B.S. forgoes the torch and lights their own fire. Forging uncharted territory where musical genres cease to exist… and all of humanity lives in blissful oneness… reminiscent of the fantasy world John Lennon conjured in his classic “Imagine, Total B.S. lays it all on the line with absolute credibility and funk-d’fied finesse. The songs arouse, provoke and inspire… they rock and roll… they touch the soul… this stuff is deep and yet at some point, you may find yourself impulsively booty shaking… What is this stuff?

“Total B.S… what does it mean?… The public will make the most obvious of assumptions… but upon discovery of this unique musical hybrid of sorts… as the familiar tones in these captivating compositions begin to resonate deep within the subconscious, the provocative lyrics stirring emotions and desires… the vessel, with its controversial moniker, becomes just that… a vessel.

Total B.S. ability to tap into the universal is what set’s this record apart. The debut album, “2 the Core is absolutely breathtaking.

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