Toni Turi Published A New Video, A Catchy Song With Stunning Guitar Riffs Not Heard Since The 80s

Toni Turi Published A New Video, A Catchy Song With Stunning Guitar Riffs Not Heard Since The 80s


Rome, Italy — May 2, 2017 — Toni Turi, “Italian Music’s Godfather” And Tipped To Be One Of The Hottest New International Pop Stars From Italy…Has Published His New Video “Oltre L’Orizzonte”…A Truly Eye Catching Song Jam-Packed With Side-Splitting Pink Floyd Guitar Riffs Look-A-Like That Have Not Been Heard For Decades..!

“What This Man Does For The Music He Loves Sharing Through This Brand New Video Clip Just Released… Makes Everyone Else Look Bad! ”

“Il Padrino” of Italian Music, Toni Turi has officially raised the curtain on his new album project with ‘Oltre L’Orizzonte’ – the first official single from his eagerly-anticipated second album – scheduled for release in summer 2017.

The Italian artist kicks off 2017 with this dazzling song in a video clip he did in New York at the end of January 2017, when he performed on his American debut at the 22nd edition of the Festival of Song.

Following the footsteps of his first successful album named Balkadisha, Toni delivers “Oltre L’Orizzonte”, an infectious four minutes slice of bright, spiky pop rock with a huge hook from the throbbing sound of surprising guitar riffs, the impressive arrangement that lies behind this song does certainly induce hot-blooded excitement to the audience, in the same vein as the guitar riffs heard in the Pink Floyd’s former production of the 70s.

Toni Turi, a former soccer player who also holds a bachelor’s honors degree in mechanical engineering, is the outcome of an “unapologetic music project” mixing his different musical backgrounds, pop melodic, pop rock, soul and more. Toni’s main objective is to propose brand new eye catching Latin music with the glorious sound of the 80s when music creativity was at its peak worldwide.

He has transformed himself from a virtual unknown to a gradually acclaimed artist in a little over two years – his music captured the attention of other countries such as Gambia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Romania or Russia, where the media have continuously been echoing his activities.

The new single “Oltre L’Orizzonte” (Over the Horizon), is one of the leading songs of Toni Turi’s next album, a music collection of 15 tracks, which will eventually be released in dual language, Italian and Spanish. Having reconvened over the last 2 years in Madrid, he later decamped to Rome and BM Studio Recording facility with legendary producer and Mediaset front man Benny Albanese to begin recording the entire music EP.

Accordingly to the first comments made by those music experts that have tasted these new songs, this future EP is promising to take the world by surprise for its exuberant rhythm and eye catching melodies….with mostly brand new tracks resembling the pop rock sound of the 80s. Toni and producer Benny Albanese are both true fans of Pink Floyd’s music style and they are eager to sledgehammer the door in order to deliver this summer a world class music EP…a music collection to be remembered for decades to come.

To conclude, Toni comments that he didn’t want the fans to wait until this summer for the entire EP to be published, he preferred hand crafting what he calls the cream of the crop track “Oltre L’Orizzonte” from the outset, this remarkable single that aims at setting a beautiful scene on the best that is yet to come. A new label, a new perspective, a new challenge – ‘Oltre L’Orizzonte’ marks the start of the next chapter, in a four years long existence that has seen this Italian artist evolve and thrill, ever advancing whilst stockpiling an enviable arsenal of world class songs.



Toni Turi
Toni Turi
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Toni Turi was born in Taranto, Apulia, one of Italy's southern regions on the 27th March 1968, since the tender… ...Read More

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