THIS IS NOT HERE. (Music for people who don’t like music)


Contact: Jeff Kalmbach
Phone: 845-781-6268

ALAMEDA, CA – Jeff Kalmbach:
“Music for people who don’t like people who like
‘music for people who don’t like music'”

What the hell does that mean? It’s a warning that this is not music for the casual listener. This is not “my humps. This is not Miley Cyrus. This is not bubblegum. This is This is Not Here.

For ten years now, this guy Jeff has been busy working the Bay Area music scene, quickly making a name for himself though hard work and talent. How do I know?  ‘Cuz I’ve watched his ascension from new kid in town schlepping behind the counter at a local record shop to becoming one of the hardest working and respected area guitarist.
Heck, while others in the area were too busy whining about the cost of practice space rent or trying to make themselves look better than they sounded, Jeff was sharing the spotlight with the likes of The Joe Perry Project. Joe Perry! And Pat Travers. And The English Beat, talk about eclectic. Then there was that show with Eddie Money…oh, and ask him about playing with Gilby Clarke. Or George Lynch. And that’s just the people who WEREN’T on American Idol. All this in addition to the original and tribute bands he’s been in, (Rubber Side Down, Stung, The Feed, Riot Act), the list is long because he works. This ain’t luck, either; he’s an artist to be sure and can absorb and adapt to multiple styles. It’s the kinda thing which defines a great guitarist, I’m tellin’ ya.

Sounds good, right? Well, it should because it’s all about the love of music which Jeff honed at the Berklee College of Music where he earned himself one of those Bachelor of Music degrees. Love of music and hard work, combine the two and you have a guitar slinging titan like Jeff here.
You want more? How about a solo instrumental record? Sure, why not? It’s called This Is Not Here.; an ironic title because wherever Jeff is living or playing, he’s very much here, be it New York, Boston or the Bay Area.  The five song E.P. does nothing if not turn the listener’s concept of what instrumental guitar rock is supposed to be upside down. Not to be confused with “chops porn, This is Not Here is about melody, orchestration, groove, emotion, and creativity. You know. Music. Dripping with white knuckled, car chase excitement and dense with musicality, the record is just plain fun. No small help to Hudson Published author and drummer extraordinaire Terry Branam as well as face melting groove machine Marco Guzman. Here’s what some cool people are saying!!!

“Jeff Kalmbach eschews the cheesy cliches of the genre and gives us something fresh and new, all while shredding extra hard. Killer riffs and grooves, good melodies and interesting chord changes combine to make an instrumental guitar record that is truly original and totally rocking.”
– Dave Rude (Dave Rude Band, Tesla)

“Badass!!!! I liked them a lot. Great playin and compositions and layering.”
– Jude Gold (Starship, GIT, Guitar Player magazine)

“Jeff’s playing and compositions are outstanding and always fresh and full of amazing guitar work with a little tongue in cheek. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!”
– German Schauss (guitarist, Alfred published author of ‘Shred the Composers’ series)