Independent Celebrity 3rd Twin signs a Video Distribution with Revohloo Studios.

Powered by Revohloo-tionary technology Revohloo Studios is reinventing all aspects of music video entertainment, from creation to monetization, by partnering with Artists, Directors and Producers. Revohloo is also partnering with directors in effort to encourage the adoption of their technology. Revohloo is offering Directors and Producers the opportunity to share Revohloo’s portion of the revenue, in effort to create a self sustainable and vibrant digital music industry.  The new digital music industry is full of new and exciting possibilities and Revohloo is one of Most Exciting and New opportunities for Artists and Brands to create innovative content and unique partnerships. Revohloo is Reinventing the Method, Production, Distribution, Marketing and Monetization of “Music Video Entertainment”, by developing a new and exciting MVP (music video product) called Revohloo “The Revohloo-tion of Music Video Entertainment”. Their mission is to become the new standard in MVE (music video entertainment) Revohloo was built for Artists and designed for new a digital generation of fans, which consume MVE at an ever increasing rate. Revohloo is Powered by next generation MVE software & applications, and will be fueled by Innovative and creative Artists and Labels seeking compelling digital engagement options for hungry fans, as well as creating a viable revenue stream to further monetizes their MVE catalogs and off set lost revenue.

Revohloo Studios has partnered with Multi Platinum Recording Artist and Producer Silkk “The Shocker” Miller, Tagging Silkk as both the Companies New President and also the first Major Recording Artists to create a Revohloo. Silkk’s got a great mind for business and the ability execute and make big things happen. An industry veteran, and Icon who really understands the music business, but most importantly someone who understands the value of Revohloo and believes in the power of our technology, we also needed an Incredible Revohloo, and we got all these things in one package with Silkk. Plus we really can relate to the message in Silkk’s first Revohloo entitled – INCREDIBLE.

Standard music video only offers fans one version of a music video, Revohloo on the other hand offers fans a new interactive experience, with 256 unique versions for fans to view and share. Revohloo featured Artists are promoted thru Magazine ad placements, Radio airplay and Mass Social Media promotion.

Licensing and Distribution is a “Fair and Honest” partnership for Artists and Labels, seeking innovative options and viable opportunities, to not only further monetize their MVE, but also offer fans an engaging and compelling interactive experience. Revohloo has created a new MVP (music video product), which requires a “New Business Model” that literally pays Artists and Labels the proper respect and compensation they deserve for their creativity and copyrighted works.

Revohloo Media Partners:

Microsoft BizSpark – an international network of entrepreneurial Startups & Partners

Limelight – a top tier content delivery network (CDN) offering superior performance and high availability of content from CDN’s delivery networks.

SpotXchange – the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory reaching 200 million unique visitors in more than 80 countries each month.

BORGHESE LEGAL LTD – provides legal services in the areas of trademark, copyright, business transactions, internet law, entertainment law, and corporate law.

The Hype Magazine is “How You Perceive Everything, from Hip Hop to Hollywood”

Revohloo Studios, Inc. is a Las Vegas Based MusicTech Start-up company currently developing the next generation of On-Line Music Video Entertainment.  Phone: 702.475-0124 E-Mail: [email protected]

Revohloo is led by an Incredible passionate team. Inventor of Revohloo’s Patent Pending Technology,

CEO – Tracy DeBarros  COO – Troy Fraser  CCO – Steven Mizzi.  CMO – Bruce Wayne

President – Silkk The Shocker  CPO – Alice Tran   CTO – Gerardo

Revohloo Studios is literally a month away from launching a monetized Beta version of the platform on Thanksgiving Day 11.27.14 and beginning to create measurable traction, #Revohloo is often trending on Twitter.


Thorn City Syndicate

Na’eem Hall
(877) 596-5248
[email protected]

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