The Last Great Icy, Welcome to the Mushroom Era

The Last Great Icy, Welcome to the Mushroom Era


It’s an homage to the neighborhood where Icy cut his rap teeth and as he likes to put it , Wilson Park is a Baltimore neighborhood that knew hip hop before hip hop knew money.

Frankfurt, Germany — Thursday, April 1st, 2021 — Wilson Park (1984) is the latest offering from rapper Icy Bro founder and CEO of Lucky Mushroom.

The rapper ironically left Baltimore City in 1985 to join the armed forces and the second verse of the song was written in 1984! Icy Bro has not changed a single lyric in the song and it stands as a testimony not only to the realities of Baltimore City of the early ’80s but also to the lyrical skills of the rappers in Baltimore’s scene at the time.

The entire second verse was written in 1984 when the concept of writing about  „the streets“ was not prevalent in rap/hip hop music at that time. He loves to point out that at that time there was no „reality rap“ and the phrase hadn’t even been coined. He claims not to have any idols in rap but as he puts it, but professes to love all the lyricists“ and considers himself a peer amongst them, even if he has yet to be discovered outside of early 80’s Baltimore

 As he puts it, he is the last Great Icy.  He also claims to never have changed his flow because that’s what it is exactly what his flow is; HIS FLOW!

He moved to Germany in the mid-’80s and was immediately embraced as a true MC as he was at home in Wilson Park. As he put it there was only a fledgling rap scene in late 80s Germany but he caught the attention of the pop industry there as they were desperately trying to figure out what would come next. He met Frank Farian who had produced European pop groups such as Boney-M, Meatloaf, and Milli Vanilli. Frank couldn’t put his finger on what made Icy Bro standout among other rappers he had heard but decided to feature him on The Real Milli Vanilli album after the scandal had broken to give the album at least a semblance of authenticity, for Icy Bro’s credibility /authenticity, had never been in doubt and remains that way to this very day.


After releasing „Alive in I“, the follow up to his single with Italian Pop Star Eros Ramozoti Icy Bro decided to leave rap for good because as he put it  “hip hop had been introduced to money”  and he was not willing to compromise his lyrical integrity any further. In Alive in I another Icy Bro single light years ahead of its time, that he plans on releasing, people who claim to be woke are reminded of the dream they continue to live. In 2017 Icy decided to combine his passion for words; his lyrical rap style and his passion for teaching business English. He brought these two things together in his own unique way under his brand called Lucky Mushroom.

Wilson Park was released last March at the beginning of the pandemic gripping the globe! We have all had time to go inside ourselves and reflect on what we would like to hear and see. It’s time to re-embrace the true power of rap music. This is the last great Icy!




Icy Bro challenges any reader to scan the internet for his tracks that date back to the 80s because his lyrics are timeless!

Start here!






Icy Bro
[email protected]
Iselinstr. 14a 60386 Frankfurt Germany

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