The Kevin Bordine Band Branch Out with ‘Loose Ends’


Tecumseh, Michigan — April 14, 2016 — The dawn of a new era in the Kevin Bordine Band saga has arrived. Very happy with what has been released musically since 2011 in the Christian Rock/Praise and Worship genre, the new year has found a new direction pointing towards a classic rock/modern rock vein musically as well as lyrically. They are currently in the studio putting together what they hope is a great representation of this direction on a five-song EP.

Long time fans of the group will find the same honesty and passion for using their God given talents as it was before. The band just felt drawn to turn a page and begin the next chapter by digging into all of their roots and influences. All at the same time hoping to give glory to God, even though the lyrics don’t necessarily make that obvious. Once completed, the EP will be called Loose Ends, and will be available for download from the band website, iTunes and the like. They will also have physical copies available at upcoming shows this summer.

Kevin says,”I feel a strong sense that this is the right move for us at this time. There is no denying that a wider circle of influence would be a good thing and though we have never faked our way, this is the most at our roots we have even been.” Reaction from fans and friends alike who have heard the new material has been positive, liking the more aggressive tempos and musical timbres.

This is an exciting time for the Kevin Bordine Band, branching out and stretching beyond what was to what will be. And all the while keeping focus on Who they do this all for…

Those interested in hearing more from the Kevin Bordine Band can check out their site; look for “Soul Echo,” find “Alive 2015” which is available for download for free. While on the site, sign up for email updates to find out exactly when the Loose Ends is going to be released and how to get a copy.


The Kevin Bordine Band are branching out musically in 2016 with their upcoming release, Loose Ends.

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