The John Toms Dilemma bring what they call Americana Rock to the modern musical landscape.



Harrionburg Viginia — June 2, 2017 — Playing what they call Americana Rock, The John Toms Dilemma look to continue the legacy of storytelling with their songs. With introspective tales of loss, disappointment, and heart break they approach the day to day struggles that Americana music confronts but from the perspective of someone that lives in a city or a town.

The release of the first recording by The John Toms Dilemma is called Still waiting, still dreaming. It can be found on as well as Spotify, itunes, and Amazon, to name a few locations on sale since March 31, 2017. Called a songwriter for songwriters, Kevin Hanna is the driving force behind the band.

"It is important for people to know how personal these songs are. They truly come from the heart and these songs being heard is the end result I am looking for as a songwriter. I have no aspirations for mass commercial success or "fans". I want only listeners that will enjoy the music I write and look forward to hearing what else I have to offer as I am always writing." – Kevin Hanna

"The songs of The John Toms Dilemma, while even with the mainstream sound that could be played along major commercially successful artists, still manage to challenge the conventional song structure and standard time limitations. This is a band that clearly cares more about their muse than success."

The John Toms Dilemma first recording, "Still waiting, still dreaming" is available as of March 31, 2017. It can be found at most venues where music is available. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Go to the band's Facebook page at and hit like and follow to show your support or you can go to their cdbaby page at to check them out and hear some of the songs.


The John Toms Dilemma is a vehicle for Kevin Hanna. A songwriter for many years of many experiences in different genres, Kevin here takes his turn as the singer/songwriter. "I could have never written these songs at any other time of my life than when I did. It took these life experiences to make these songs happen, a twenty something version of me could not have written these songs."- Kevin Hanna

The John Toms Dilemma
Kevin Hanna
103 Valley View Drive
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