The First Non-Latino Artist to sing in the Latin Music Genres!

The First Non-Latino Artist to sing in the Latin Music Genres!


Miami, FL — June 10, 2018 — Latin Music genres usually have singers of Latin ethnicity. Well, things have changed! “Doble” is the first Non-Latino artist to sing in the Latin Music genres. The best part of this is, he’s African-American and still learning Spanish. Amazed yet?

When it comes to Latin Music, the world see’s artists and singers of Latin origin. For example, Daddy Yankee (Reggaeton artist) has a Puerto Rican background. In fact, every artist that sings in Spanish is of Latino ethnicity. Well, not all artists. Introducing, “Doble”. Born Leo Henry Wilson on May 30, 1987, in Detroit, MI. Doble has been singing in many Spanish genres including Reggaeton, Bachata and Latin Pop. Hard to believe he’s not fluent in Spanish right!?! So how does he sing in a language he is not fluent in? Well, you can thank Google Translate for that. He uses this translator to write his songs while receiving help from his Latino friends with pronunciation. I know, I’m impressed as well.

So what if he sings in Spanish and is not Latino, you say! Well, Doble has managed to accumulate over 400,000 fans on Facebook and over 200,000 fans on Instagram in only 1 years’ time. Fast huh? He released his first music video in June 2017 entitled, “Pensamiento”. Before this release, Doble only had a mere 3,000 fans. The video did so well that he gained over 2 million views on YouTube. Doble did not stop there. He released his second music video in September 2017 entitled, “Amor Verdadero”. This video went even further by gaining over 3 million views on YouTube. Are you impressed yet?

Doble has since released several singles including his most famous song “Mi Pequeño Regalo” which was a dedication to his only child that he lost in December of 2017. The song even made me cry. His music has gained him exposure and popularity in the Latin community. Recognized by many icons in the Latin Music Industry, Doble is gaining the attention of Sony Latin Music and other Latin Record Labels.

Expect to see and hear a lot more of this Non-Latino Reggaeton/Bachata/Latin Pop artist. His fan base is growing faster than anyone could imagine. My guess would not only be because of his amazing music (which is unique by the way), but because he’s the first person in the world to sing in Spanish and is not of Latino ethnicity. I foresee big opportunities for Doble in the near future.

You can listen and watch his latest released entitled “Latinas” which has already gained over a million views in YouTube in a matter of weeks (


Leo Wilson
[email protected]



“Doble” or “Doble Music” is the first Non-Latino Artist to sing in Reggaeton and Bachata professionally. Born "Leo Henry Wilson"… ...Read More

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