Tha Reapa Man Horrorcore Rap


Contact: Tha Reapa Man
Phone: 2532836812

TACOMA, WA – Underground rap is the truest form of Hip Hop. There’s no security or movie camera’s, only the streets and the people struggling in them. You don’t have to look hard to find the up and rising HipHop/Horrorcore artist Tha Reapa Man, holdin it down in every aspect of the game. The real reconize Tha Reapa Man. Hes already topping local charts soon to be at the top worldwide. He has been on top of the northwest hip hop movement for over 10 years. He’s known to be the one man band man with his superb skills at the mic some say he’s a better producer. Tha Reapa Man is on top of the underground and nobody is taking him down. So turn up your stereo’s and listen to the best music the underground has to offer.