Ted Miller releases Made In America

Contact: Ted Miller
Phone: 7869755607
Email: tedmillermusic@gmail.com

MIAMI, FL. – Made In America praises our nation, our heroic first responders, our soldiers and our people. It unifies an exciting beat, a proud message of achievement and a pulsating rhythm with Ted’s husky baritone to make you proud to be an American, no matter who and what you are, where you come from or the color of your skin.

A song, written, produced and sung by Ted Miller, it praises American ingenuity, leadership in the development and exploration of technology, internet and space.

“Made In America” hails the sacrifices America’s heroes have made in preserving and safeguarding our homeland. It treasures our wounded warriors, embraces America’s veterans and embraces the immigrants who enrich our lives and economic well being.