Contact: Gee Turner
Phone: 770-771-8480

ATLANTA, GA – CATO CEZR is an ambitious young multi-talented hip hop artist, actor and entrepreneur. As an artist Cato is one of hip hops newest rising stars out of Atlanta Ga. with Chicago roots and a go hard or go home mentality creating crazy seductive music over bass driven hip hop tracks. Not afraid to try a new sound in a time where hip hop music sounds like the same song on repeat; Cato will draw the most eclectic hip hop fans as well as the average street listeners.

With his most recent single release “BIG MONEY Cato is taking web and fm stations across the world by storm and has begun a six month promotional tour across the United States. Jamal Smallz of WGCI Radio in Chicago IL calls this artist vintage, exciting, and a breath of fresh air! Atlanta Georgia’s Trendsetters Magazine says “Cato Cezr is the future of entertainment and will take the world of entertainment by storm!

As a seriously talented actor Cato is best known for his role as the character “Damon the cocky on screen college bully in the hit television series Tyler Perry’s House of Payne alongside Laramie Doc Shaw, Allen Payne and Lance Gross.

As a young entrepreneur Cato also recently launched his new website where new music, videos, business ventures and live performance can be viewed via Ustream and other. The key to his success is his relentless drive, creativity, and business savvy approach.

Coming from a rough upbringing in Chicago IL Cato began climbing over many obstacles as a young teen, making his way to Atlanta Georgia in search for an open door to the entertainment industry where he was breed into a young adult. Cato began fighting for his life to be successful at something in desperation to avoid becoming a statistic. Representative for the struggle to success, Cato is ready to lead the youth into a new mind set. Having a vast amount of tour experience, Cato has performed on tour dates with numerous celebrity artists, and has defiantly learned what it takes to captivate his audience. His works accomplished has built him an identity amongst industry heads and street listeners.

Cato has featured on numerous projects such as the XXL magazine music project sponsored by Reebok and Bacardi and hosted by Chicago’s radio personality Jamal Smallz of WGCI radio. During this time period Cato discovered a love for acting and joined the premier actor’s network in Atlanta Georgia, and has been trained by some of the biggest acting coaches in the film business. In 2010 Cato landed one of the top agents in film and television and made cameo appearances in projects such as “Stomp the yard 2 home coming” and BET’s The Game. Cato is a firm believer in uplifting his community and is on a mission to inspire the youth to fight to achieve their dreams against all odds.

Cato Cezr is much more than an average entertainer as an artist, actor and entrepreneur he is an inspiration and is set on building his brand into one of the biggest brands in entertainment the world has ever witnessed. Set to release his debut project “PAY MASTER with his single “Big Money Cato challenges the cliché’s of Hip Hop and the rap lifestyle of rags to riches. Ladies and gentlemen witness the coming of CATO CEZR.