Stockton Bridge releases self titled debut



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…..And Finally, Stockton Bridge!

New York – For the past 20+ years the members of Stockton Bridge have danced together in some of the most reputable bands in Central Jersey. Never gracing the stage in their entirety, only to often be missed by one member who may have been working another burning project elsewhere in the area, the group collectively crossed paths many times over in search of the perfect musical union. At the suggestion of a common friend in the scene the group formed to do a special Fleetwood Mac tribute show in 2007 and there the groundwork was laid for the debut release of Stockton Bridge. Stockton Bridge is pleased to finally release their self-titled debut album Stockton Bridge.

Fronted by singer/songwriters Scott McDonald and Kathy Phillips(BMI) the band is backed by former Matt Angus Thing rhythm section Kim Williams, Randy Artiglere and Tom Nelson to form the perfect balance of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic talent for the type of songwriting prowess evidenced by this debut recording. Reminiscent of the music from the great songbook of the 60’s and 70’s, Stockton Bridge adds just the right flavor of current sounds into the mix to modernize the great ideas that were brought to us by artists like John Lennon, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, The Band, Tom Petty, Carole King and others. Honest lyrics accompanied by melodic hooks supported by upbeat grooves with clever chord progressions all put together in modern arrangements full of mixed gender vocal harmonies that sound as sweet as the songs themselves.

An individual sound defies categorization. Fans of Stockton Bridge have labeled the sounds in many different genres leading one only to use the ever so vague categorization of Adult Contemporary. Roots Rock? Americana? Pop Rock? Country? Rural? Mature? How about just “Great music for people who understand great music!

The Stockton Bridge self-titled debut release is available on itunes and Amazon. The band can be reached on Facebook at or through Blue Raven Artists at