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New Music Available Throughout December

Young Harris, Georgia – December 6, 2018 – Spike Jaxon is taking things into his own hands with the release of three new singles right before the end of the year. “One More Time Around” dropped on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora on December 3, 2018. It was followed by their anchor, “One Lonely Rose” joining them on December 8. Rounding out the trio will be “Helluva Past” on December 22.

Spike Jaxon spent a lot of his musical life in the club scene. A drummer, he held down the percussion for a myriad of local artists everywhere. Fans could see him in bars, clubs and even biker events playing every style of rock under the sun, especially the classic stylings. Now he’s put that part of his life aside, for now, to focus on himself and his own music with the release of three brand new songs; “One Lonely Rose, “ “Helluva Past,” and “One More Time Around.”

Spike Jaxon didn’t embark on this alone. He wrangled in award-winning talent to help bring this trio alive. Alongside Spike was Bobby Terry on acoustic guitar, Nick Buda on drums, keyboardist Jonathan Brown, bassist Dave Francis, Wendy Newcomer and Perry Coleman on backup vocals, as well as Kenny Chesney’s guitarist Jon Conley, and Luke Combs’ producer Kenny Royster.

An impressive bunch led in the studio by Spike Jaxon, the gang was a dynamic force day in and day out in a Nashville studio. Now they are ready for the world to hear what they’ve spent the fall working hard on; “One Lonely Rose, “ “Helluva Past,” and “One More Time Around.”

These three songs are just the appetizers for what’s to come as Spike is spending the rest of 2018 in the studio putting the final touches on his new album that will feature not one, two, but all three singles available today.

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Spike Jaxon is a rock drummer turned singer-songwriter with three new tracks on deck; “One Lonely Rose,“ “Helluva Past,” and “One More Time Around.”

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  1. Renee Smith

    Spike you are very talented! Love your music!

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