“Southernman Robbie is indeed a very well-kept secret from the Deep Southern Danube”

Bucharest, Romania — June 1, 2017 — This is the way that Eric Schuurmans, the well-known blues music reviewer from the RootsTime.BE[1], described Robbie, in the article made regarding his activity.

Slide guitar, kazoo and southern country blues are on the menu when Southernman Robbie goes on stage. He has lived with and by the blues for many years, among other things, including as a lonely gambler on street corners and small scenes around Europe and has also participated in a number of exciting band projects and festivals in his homeland.

Southernman Robbie, who is baptized Robert Zsugya, plays a delta-blues ranging from Mississippi to the Danube, bringing the roots of the blues with an archaic image, playing original tunes, but also consecrated songs of the blues pioneers, combining slide guitar, finger picking, vocals and kazoo along with a “Bear paw” stomp box beat, that will carry you to the land of southern blues.

With all the experience gained in his almost two years of journey, from the Eastern Austria to the farthest northern place in Germany, he came back home to preach the blues, and in 2016, on the last day of February (29) had released his first album, called “Devil got my name”[2], which has 14 acoustic blues songs. Throughout his album, he offers you, an oasis of acoustic blues for souls, from the Southern Danube wildness.

In April 7, 2017 he participates as a contestant at the European Blues Challenge[3], which was in Horsens, Denmark, being the Romanian representative.
Also in the same year he was awarded at the Romanian Jazz Awards Gala[4] for the activity from 2016, at the category Revelation of the Year.

You can read and listen more about Southernman Robbie’s music, by visiting the official website at www.southernmanrobbie.ro


Southernman Robbie
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