Sophia Ricci Looks To Save Nature with “I’m The River (Earth Song)”

Sophia Ricci Looks To Save Nature with “I’m The River (Earth Song)”

New Single Out Now


Tbilisi, Georgia – June 15, 2018 – From an early age Sophia Ricci has been impressing her peers. With numerous performances and accolades to her name from the age of four to today, she’s proven time and time again to be a force. Today the 27-year-old singer is Spotify certified with over 10,000 listeners and five times as many streams, she is ready to broaden her reach.

Broadening her reach while sending a positive message has been her goal since day one. Which is why she was thrilled to get in the studio with lyricist Bibi Kvachadze, the talented composer Magda Mikadze, her sound engineer Aleko Berdzenishvili, and arranger Mamuka Begashvili to record “I’m The River (Earth Song).”

Together the fearsome fivesome banded together for a song that not only showcases a lot of respect towards nature but that is also about saving it. “I’m The River (Earth Song)” is poetry woven in melodies with lyrics that remind listeners of how beautiful and fragile the earth they inhabit really is. From the rivers that flow to the ignorance of man, Sophia Ricci covers the emotions of what goes down in nature in song.

On top of powerful lyrics that go hand in hand with Sophia’s performance, “I’m The River (Earth Song)” supports Treepex. A company that plants trees with an innovative tracking system and provide follow up care.

With remarkable vocals that have been impressing audiences since she was a mere four-years-old, the now 27-year-old Sophia Ricci is continuing her impressive run with a new song that captivates and helps support nature; “I’m The River (Earth Song).” With her bright past and go-getter present, the sky is truly the limit in regards to her future. A future she is planning on having more international contests and festivals.


Sophia Ricci is a modern day pop singer with a heavy heart in jazz with a new single entitled “I’m The River (Earth Song)” out now.

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