Song To Clear Skies

Song To Clear Skies


Iserlohn, Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany — January 1, 1970 — Merely play?! Kikukuryu Kingdom” is the story of a Koi in a small pond, an instant of liberty and original music play (2017), brave, playful and eager to grow with every inch of his kingdom, come rain or shine. So is “Saxy 1838”, another pioneer step into another “Victorian Era”.
Her most recent publication “Sunrid” (as in “Sunkist”) reflects on birds, song birds. They actually follow the Koi kingdom in so far, as they bathe in their pond, catch the flies above and compete in song before sunrise from every bush, tree or rooftop they can find! It’s a blast! And yet –

still a little melancholic since we listen and watch these early birds but create the storms and climate change that pollutes the water, air and kills insects, bird and fish, and up the food chain with our waste and agricultural mega plans, recent partly return to fossil energy all UN agreed to reduce or avoid in KYOTO and PARIS. That’s how “Solarenergie – Rollladenlied/Shutter Song” came about, the most recent single release and music video clip, an update of an old chant she wrote. Loving the clear water lakes for recreation, the sun and clear air skies just as much as fish and song birds do, solar energy lets the plants grow skywards and grants light and beach days to all living beings. Use of water, wind and solar clean energy and use of air even for insulation is one of her major themes in 2017.

As a child she had guinea-pigs running all over the backyard. She gave them to a pet zoo in nearby Dortmund later. There now is a small pond and the number of song birds on the tree- and rooftops has increased since. A sunrise live concert every spring, about 5.30 a.m. around Easter Sunday, best practice on days of clear and blue skies!

It’s nature, song birds and bird song and recreational music, mostly instrumental, featuring guitar, taiko drums, saxophone, synthesized voices and jazz chant, she experiments with to entertain in lounge music, soft rock, programmatic orchestra pieces, featuring chimes and bells and even social action song.

Find her internet radio station and info:
A station may be a course, well set for the future! CDBaby is the store for all her music, some of it can be found in every store from Apple music to Spotify.


Jutta was awarded a B.A. in music and music ed. and a Masters degree in Applied Linguistic.

Jutta Mahlke
Jutta Mahlke
[email protected]

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Jutta started playing instruments, singing and dancing being 4 yrs. old. Violin was her favorite then, so she had lessons… ...Read More

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