SkoolboyBliss’ ‘Throne Motivation’ Is Out Now

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Live Your Dreams Tour Coming Soon

Denver, Colorado – June 9, 2017 – SkoolboyBliss was not put on this earth to play the game the same as everyone else. He was given his talent to fulfill a purpose and that is what he has and continues to do through his music and on his latest release this year’s Throne Motivation.

SkoolboyBliss first released music over a decade ago. That is when his If Tony Montana Were a Rapper mixtape dropped and the world was first introduced to his style. Since then he’s released five more records including 2017’s Throne Motivation. His music has been featured on stations like 90.5 The Beat and various college stations across the nation. Even more so the emcee has performed throughout the United States from New York to Colorado, and even down in the Caribbean, and Costa Rica. He’s internationally known to rock the microphone and even screens both big and small.

After the release of his 2007 album Love Chronicles of a Skoolboy, he took a minute break from music to focus and gain traction in the TV and film industry. For several years he did his thing and appeared on everything reality series like What Chili Wants to rating kings like The Walking Dead to blockbusters such as Ride Along 2 and Fast and Furious 5. While he gained a lot of momentum in that realm, he welcomed music back into his life in 2014 with the release of Something to Cruise To.

Now SkoolboyBliss is focused on a couple of projects. First being his upcoming mixtape, Conflicted…Killa Crossover. Second is his motivational tour entitled Live Your Dreams. Because he was born with a purpose, SkoolboyBliss wants to share that light and perspective. Unlike typical artists, SkoolboyBliss represents love and peace while embracing war and violence and not only puts that in his music, but now wants to take it on the road with the Live Your Dream tour to encourage others.

Those interested in interviewing SkoolboyBliss about his past and present, catching up with him on his upcoming tour, reviewing his music or adding it to their playlist can get in touch via the information provided below.


SkoolboyBliss is a hip hop artist with a positive purpose with one album out this year, and another on the way along with a tour that’s sure to inspire entitled Live Your Dream.

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