Sizzle and the Mix Have the Right Stuff with ‘Love Potion’


Soulful Pop from Northern California

Sacramento, California – September 26, 2016 – The artistry in Northern California is an interesting one. Bohemian artists own Haight-Ashbury while the local rap scene continues to thrive in its underground setting. Then in between all of that you have a group such as Sizzle and the Mix, one filled with R&B that pops like the late, great Michael Jackson and the current chart topper Bruno Mars. With a sound as universal as can be, they’re planning on big things in the coming year with their latest release, Love Potion.

With cool, catchy beats that connect them to the masses, the five men who make up Sizzle and the Mix are a force as each brings something new to the table and the ensemble as a whole. Leading man Adam “Sizzle” Aldama has had airplay all over the world, Mark “Dre” Brown is a talented producer, their bassist Brandon Hood has opened for the likes of Tesla, their own drummer has played for everyone from EnVogue to Eric Darius, and Brett Sackett will light up your ears with his lead and rhythm guitar. Separately they have quite the history, but together they have nothing but positivity for the future.

Having been featured in a number of publications and sites including Zevo TV, Hype, Marquix Global Network, College Underground and Rude Boy, Sizzle and the Mix have proven to a wide variety of audiences their worth. Next they’ll take the show on the road as they plan on touring Love Potion from coast to coast and then some.


Sizzle and the Mix is an artistic collaboration between a handful of talented artists who have banded together for the release of Love Potion.

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    Hi ArtistPR, the press release for Adam Aldama aka Sizzle, and his band Sizzle and the Mix, is very nice. Thank you for all your support.

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